Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Final Tabled Another Rebuy :)


Tonight I loaded up about 12 tournaments on a variety of skins. Luckily enough I managed to come 3rd in a $10 rebuy on iPoker for just under $1000.

So that was a pretty nice result considering I came into the final table 9/10. I managed to go all in consecutively 3 times which effectively doubled my stack as a lot of the players seemed to be playing with scared money and trying to climb the pay-ladder.

I signed onto Pokerstars to sweat a friend who was playing a 45man SNG on the final table too and noticed a promotion to UK players about winning a satellite to see Wimbledon and play heads up with Borris Becker. It was only $1 to enter so I thought screw it. I managed to qualify through to the final which is tomorow night I think.

Other than that I'm just waiting on the DTD satellite. Really fucked this up. I had like 8bbs and it folded to me, I was nervous about reaching the seat so shoved a10 into the sb who had 4 bbs and called with a4 and managed to suck out vs me. Grr...

I'm currently 53/57 with 50 seats going. Really hope I make it. Probably should have just folded that A10 hand. Bahh I hate satellites!!

edit: 1 double up later and I'm in!! Wooohooooo! £330 this weekend here I come!

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