Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Final table $109 and Real China


Today was kind of weird. After my mamoth session yesterday finishing at 8am, I found myself waking to my phone ringing at 5pm the following day. Woops, day well spent I see...

A few mates wondered if I wanted to check out this all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet in Poole which was doing a half price offer for a measly £5.99. So I showered, got out of bed and drove to my mates and a few of us tried out the restaurant.

For £5.99 you don't expect much, granted. But come on. The Real China? How ironic do you want to be. I went to China last summer on holiday and tried the local cuisine and this shit didn't even compare. I mean in China they don't even have prawn crackers or sweet and sour chicken, but this place was mainly serving chips, onion rings, waffles (?), rice and a few sauces. For dessert the very authentic chocolate cake with tinned fruit was available.

Then again, what did I honestly expect for a fiver in England?

We went back to Chris' and decided to grind out some more poker. I loaded tournies up on iPoker, Boss and Party. The session went pretty badily on the whole after I was the exact bubble bubble in three tournaments. But due to my play style on the bubble this is somewhat expected! Ahh well :)

I did however get deep in the $10 rebuy on iPoker coming 22/1400 for $280 and came 9/113 on party poker in the $109/$12k gtd for $336 resulting in quite a break even day.

The party poker tournaments play VERY differently than a lot of the other tournaments. As for one the antes are ridiculously small. I basically played a strategy very similar to my friends which grind the 45 man sng's on full tilt (which don't have antes). This is a much tighter style where it's not as criminal folding down much lower than 10bb's and there is much less emphasis on stealing blinds.

In the end I ran my 9bb stack with pocket 7's into the big blinds Queens so that was pretty standard but I look forward to making more deep runs in this tourny and similar ones on party poker in the future.

I'll be having a break from online MTT grind for about a week as I'm heading up to Nottingham tomorrow to spend some time chilling with friends and sort uni stuff out for next year. I expect there will also be a few trips to Dusk Til Dawn to delve into the PLO game too, so let's hope I run good and can win a few buy-ins while I'm there! To be fair though, the hours I've put in this past week would probably challenge a lot of city workers too. Or it feels that way anyway!

So for next week as I've got a load to fit in, I plan to:

1) Fix my car in Nottingham as I've slacked since I've been home
2) Sort out/finalise accommodation for next year
3) Write 3 articles for a poker website (I know basically what I'm writing already)
4) Go shopping for a couple of polo shirts, flip flops, trainers and a watch in Nottingham with some of my poker money.
5) Chill out/see friends/get to the gym/have fun!

That will do for now :). Bankroll is now around £12,000 and I'm in a great mood! Hope everyone is doing well! Cheers

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