Sunday, 7 June 2009

DTD £300, Just Missed Day 2


The tournament got off to a really good start. There was one major donater on our table and I was lucky enough to become one of the chip leaders by the first break getting my stack up to 25,000 with the average at around 12,000. There were really no big hands, I seemed to be catching cards and people were just paying me off.

The most interesting hand has to be at 50/100 when I had about 12,000 chips. The donator playing every hand limped UTG and I isolated on the cut-off with KJo and we got heads up.

The flop came the somewhat uneventful 2c4c6d rainbow. He checked to me and I cbet and he called. I think at this point he could have a really wide range with any pair on the flop or maybe some spazzy overs.

The turn gave the Js giving the board a 246J with two clubs. He checked to me again and I bet out. This time he quickly check/raised my 1500 bet to 6500 leaving himself about 6000 left. Now I just couldn't figure out what hand he could have to do this. I figured he would never have AJ here as he was raising a fair bit pre and as such wouldn't have any over pair. Given he was quite aggressive he would have check/raised my flop bet with a set. I therefore figured him to have complete air here or a weaker jack in his range. I just hoped he didn't have something like J4, but felt that this was really quite unlikely.

So I jammed, he called and flipped over KJ as we split the pot.

I guess the hand isn't that interesting but that sort of sums up the tournament. It was really quite funny seeing everyone's reaction at the table though as this was by far the biggest pot and neither of us really had anything decent. From the first break onwards I went completely card dead. In a way I lost a little focus and found myself trying to save my dwindled stack but loosing more by cbetting dry boards but my opponent always seeming to hit.

Guess it was just one of those days! So in the end I busted on the final level of the day about 120/325.

For what its worth it was nice seeing Ant at the tournament today. He busted quite early getting it in as a firm favourite but to no hope and then hit the £1/£2 cash tables quite hard. I identified the donator from the tournament and he seems to have profited quite hard from the bloke. I left with him having an £800ish stack, so good going there!

Also big-up to Jon who despite seeming to run terribly at the 50p/£1 games seems to be slowly turning this around with healthy profits today and yesterday. Keep it up mate!

Tomorrow is the £150 tournament with £20k guaranteed prize pool. Hopefully I have a bit more success there!

GL all

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