Saturday, 6 June 2009

DTD Deepstack £330 and Online PLO


Online PLO has been going a little slow lately. Seem to have hit a bit of a rough patch, but at the same time I'm sure my game is just covered in leaks. As a result, I've watched 2 videos on cardrunners and have been frequenting the 2p2 PLO forum and posting some of the hands that I was a little confused over.

However, as any poker player knows, beats happen and we just have to toss them aside and keep focused. I've been looking through my hands and here are a couple of the pots I messed up:

In retrospect, I still can't believe I bet that turn. Although the 2h gave me some more nut outs, his range for check/calling the flop is so weighted to 46xx hands. He wasn't outrageously bad so probably wouldn't call here with 35xx and would raise the made straight. I think sets don't take this passive line but would instead bet out on the flop. And I rarely think he check calls with a A and 3 overs that much.

So I really should have checked back. When he jammed there was enough money to make the call, but I should never have got into that situation in the first place. Doh! This is the second hand.

I really think bet/folding the flop is a much better option as I have the Ace clubs as the flush blocker. My logic at the time was that a lot of the range people call 3bets pre with is J987 rundowns or qk109 etc. So I figured that I will get check/raise all in a ton here. Which would obviously suck.

Then on the turn when he leads into me when the 9 pairs, I think I'm either ahead or very far behind here. I called as I think a lot of people bluff here knowing that my hand is basically face-up and he thinks he can fold me off of AAxx sort of hands

The river was a pretty bad card for me, as other than 9xxx hands I think he could well play 10J hands in the same way. But in retrospect he would probably check/call with a 10J hand. So when he auto-shoved I was in a very tough spot and tank/folded. Obviously the wrong read in this instance!

Anyway, hope I start to win a few flips (and don't get too out-played) in the £330 starting in an hour! Right, I better get ready, good luck all!

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