Monday, 8 June 2009

One long long session on the felt

Hey guys,

Today was a bit mad. I arrived at Dusk Til Dawn at about 1:45pm for the 2 O'clock £150 tournament and I left the club at 4am. So that was in fact a pretty heavy 14 hour-session. Any my word was it swingy.

In the end I managed to have my first big loosing day at DTD down about £650 (including the tournament buy-in). Although this is only 3 buy-ins I had numerous 5 buy-in swings today. Yes, the games were mental.

The funny thing about today is that I really think I played well and kept a focused, patient game throughout. Especially in the £150 tournament where I was slightly unfortunate to find myself in a large pot holding AK on an AK9 board against pocket 9's. But hey, that's variance folks! At least the guy who had the 9's went on to win it so I guess the chips went into good use ;)

Other than that, I had a lot of success on the NLHE games but managed to lose every 60/40 and 70/30 that I got myself into at PLO. Nearly all to the same player, Pete Linton grr... Over the past two months he has ran like God against me. I just can't win a pot that we go all in vs the bloke!

Anyway, it got to around 1am and I was around even despite the PLO swings. The table had lost most of the donators, and a new game of £2/£2 Dealers Choice opened up with quite a nice line-up of players. So I grabbed myself a seat and got into the thick of the action.

In the end I lost 3 x £200 buy-ins during various games which was a little frustrating. Originally I had planned to start taking some shots at the £5/£5 dealers choice game as it is true a lot of rich donators do play them but I think there is just too much gamble in the games and too little skill-edge. Here are the pro's and con's

Reasons to play the DC:

1) Rich gamblers
2) Fun mixture of games which stops the repetition
3) There is usually really good table banter which makes it enjoyable to play at

Reasons not to play:

1) Games like 6 card Omaha/Paduki/Super-Stud are all that really run. These games just don't seem to have much skill at all. I really think you would have a tough time gaining a considerable edge in the long run.
2) Sick sick swings due to the nature of the games
3) Because a lot of the games like super-stud and 6 card Omaha hi-lo take so long, I think you get about 7-20 hands in an hour. Which is pretty bad.
4) A lot of the older guys really are a lot better than me at the stud games. I don't enjoy them that much and probably see myself being out-matched here.

Therefore I think I will in the future try to stick to the £2/£2 PLO game as I still believe there is a lot of dead-money to be had and it is more enjoyable to play the NLHE live. I will also start to give the £5/£5 PLO games a shot when my bankroll increases to £15,000 but that depends on the line-up too.

I'm going to withdraw about £300ish from my bankroll to buy some summer clothes before I leave Nottingham. Then I'll be off home on Tuesday afternoon for a week. Should be nice but not sure how much poker will be fit in during the next few days!

GL at the felt all.


  1. Would you say your strongest game is PLO? Was discussing with a mate the value of specilisation, do you think you might be better off focusing on one area?

  2. I'de say my strongest by far is NLHE MTT's. But I would really like to learn PLO as I think the potential to earn a lot and to fit better around university life would be more beneficial. Also PLO is really fun :)