Saturday, 13 June 2009

The Full Tilt Big Doubles


Yesterday was pretty wild. It was my friends birthday and so a few mates decided to try out the new indoor paint-balling in Bournemouth. I was a little sceptical at first as I've always enjoyed outdoor paint-balling and thought that this indoor stuff would be more like quasar laser but with more hurt. But no, it was so so goddamn good.

The venue is some massive warehouse which is fully fitted out to replicate an abandoned city with cars/shops/houses in a Resident Evil style. Coupled with the lighting and smoke effects it really looked amazing. We were split into two groups and each assigned specific missions countering the other team. Too fun. I can't wait to go back again. The guns also had the ability to turn into Automatic Machine guns. There goes my 700 bullets haha! Spray and prey baby!

After the afternoon was spent crawling through rubble and trying to drill my mates in the face with paint, we headed to the beach for a BBQ and general mess-around. Surprisingly the weather managed to hold despite forecasts on the radio. Let's be honest, it probably wouldn't have stopped us anyway. The journey home found us making a stop-off at a house party only to find the house pretty trashed and most of the party-goers passed out. Meh, free alcohol, I'm never one to complain ;). It was getting on to about 1:30am ish and without knowing almost anyone at the party, my friends and I decided to head back home.

Being the typical degen I am, I really couldn't be bothered to sleep so early and instead loaded up some tables online on full tilt and pokerstars. Somehow out of all of this I managed to final table two on full tilt! What's even more surprising if that they are both parts of the same tournament with a shared jackpot! Ship it!

For those that don't know this is a $60+$9+$5 tournament. $60 goes directly to the prize pool, $9 goes to the jackpot and $5 is the rake. The jackpot is awarded for double cashes, double final tables and double wins. A double final table is 20% of the jackpot which last night was $19,000. Shame some other fish managed to come 8th and 9th in both hence "only" getting me around $1950 jackpot bonus! Haha who am I to complain?

This is definitely my biggest winning day on record at around a $6000 up-day. I'm really happy with it. The final tables were finishing at about 8am this morning so expectedly I was absolutely knackered. I'm still really happy with my play and have lots of confidence in my MTT play lately.

Tonight, as I've only just woken up at 4pm, I'll chill out for a bit and get some fresh air before starting a mini-session on the Euro sites soon.

Hope all is good!


  1. Pretty sick that two of you double final tabled!

    I used to play the $5+1Early Doubles and whenever I went deep in one I always busted out early in the other like they didn't want to give me any bonus!!

  2. Haha yeh, Yorkshire I agree. I've played the early doubles countless times to no success. It's probably a bit easier in the big as the field size is so much smaller though. Good luck to you next time in them!