Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Back-To-Back Flack, Move Aside..

For those who aren't aware, amazingly Thang Luu took down the $1500 WSOP Omaha 8 or better tournament a couple of days ago. What makes this truly incredible though is that he also took it down last year. And that's not including the 2nd place finish he had the year before!?

Pretty impressive by anyone's books especially considering the event has attracted fields of 700-1000 over the three year period. This starts to make me question the level of skill required in Omaha 8 or better. Could this be the most skill full variety of poker? It certainly takes A LOT of post flop skill. Or maybe he's on a sick heater?

Despite, very well done to the guy.

On the subject of back-to-back, although I didn't take either down (bad beat HU in the €4000 gtd one grrr). But I managed to final table two more tournaments tonight, this time on the Boss network.

The second screenshot is of the €22/€3500 gtd which is a deepstack tournament. I've taken this one down before earlier this year, so it was nice to get deep in it again today. It's actually a nice tournament. When we were 3 handed we all had between 30-50bb's which is quite refreshing compared to the shove-fest that iPoker, party poker etc. seem to consist of. I personally think I was a bit unfortunate not to take either of these down tonight, but getting short handed I couldn't seem to win a showdown. Luckily, my opponents didn't seem too comfortable on the final table as I had little resistance picking up the blinds which helped to stabilize my stack.

In my blog-post last night I said how I also managed to qualify for the weekly final of the Borris Becker freeroll where the winner gets VIP wimbledon seats and to play heads up with Mr Becker for £5000 curtsy of Pokerstars. There was about 300 entrants and I even managed to final table it! But to no avail as I busted out in 9th. I still got the small consolation prize of about $35 which wasn't bad for a freeroll I guess :)

So another success night on the MTT donkaments :) The bankroll is up over £10,000 now so I'm really happy with that! I will now be taking a few days off tournies hoping to keep my A-game for this weekends £330. In the meantime, I'll be getting some hands in at PLO and enjoying life whilst the weather stays as good as it is!


ps. one last thing. If you need cheering up for whatever reason. Read this. It literally had me pissing myself laughing.


  1. just stumbled across your blog looking for a bit of inspiration, great results! And nice bankroll i'm hoping for something like that one day. Gl in the live game.

    Checkraise in da house!

  2. Ha maybe that was a good link to show you after reading your last blog post! Good luck rebuilding the bankroll.

    I've added you to my blog-list.


  3. Just back from Turkey mate.

    I was playing via teamviewer and gave the A4 donkey some verbal, you just got unlucky.
    Had no intention of making that final call, cause I dont think you would have either if the rolls were reversed.... good luck saturday mate

  4. Cheers, will do the same. At least things can only get better (I hope) with better BRM. At the moment I'm playing mainly on ipoker, what's the boss media software like? I have a DTD account from when they were on the old crypto network and been thinking of a change of scenery. are there a decent selection of tournaments like on ipoker?

  5. Boss software is OK and there are a few good tournies. Your best bet is to play across a few sites, then you can mix in the best tournies that suit your buyin.