Thursday, 18 June 2009

DTD cash session


I arrived at DTD today at about 10pm ish and sat straight down in a rather nitty cash game. Most of the regs were sitting, but as one of the higher buyin tournaments had only started an hour before, most of the fishier players weren't at the cash tables yet. So it was a slow start. Couple that with me being card dead and not much happened for the first hour.

An interesting hand did come up however, when at £1/£2 NLHE I got 4 6 of hearts in the small blind. The game had started to liven up a little now and an EP raiser pumped it up to £12 which got 5 callers. I called in the small blind as did the big blind.

The flop came Jh 5c 7s. Thus giving me an open ended straight draw. I checked, there was a bet of £30 and 1 call. Pretty good odds for me to hit so I called too.

The turn gave the 5h giving me an open ender and a flush draw. However, the board was now paired meaning I was drawing dead to anyone who had a set/full house.

The flop better then shoved in for his last £110 into the £200ish pot. The other caller who is a very competent player, then tanked for about 5 minutes before making the call. Here is the interesting part.

The original better I was sure was on complete air here. He was well on the way to being drunk and physically slumped in his chair when the caller eventually tank called. I was really sure he was weak here. If I was wrong though, this would be an expensive lesson.

Now the caller is a very competent professional who seems to beat these games for a decent profit. There is no way he would tank with a boat here and he certainly wouldn't be calling this with a similar straight draw to me. Therefore his range was almost exclusively top pair hands like AJ/KJ.

If my reads were correct then, I wasn't drawing dead and any heart/3/8 would win me the pot. With about £500-£650 in the pot with my remaining £140 I made the call and spiked the 8 hearts on the river. Luckily this time my read's were right as the original better showed a4off for complete air and the caller mucked stating he had a jack. That was really a nice feeling knowing I made the correct read.

I did however reshove in my last £30-£40 on the turn which was probably a mistake though, as if the river was a brick I could have folded saving me that and I was pretty sure that the competent player would have called with his entire range on the river if I had made my hand. Ahh well.

The £2/£2 PLO game started shortly after in which I preceded to loose a 60/40 and then a 40/60 for £300ish. After the game started to tighten up we changed the game to 4/5/6 omaha (meaning the button chooses how many cards we play with on his go).

I was a bit stuck on the table so felt more inclined to choose 6 at this point. We were also quite short handed and so the straddles got going :).

The main hand of interest was when I was on the button. The blinds went £2/£2/£4/£8 and I straddled the button to £16. This was a pretty obvious move as it's definately +ev to be making larger pots in position. I got dealt AsKcQcQsQdJd for a pretty sick starting hand in 6 card omaha. There were two callers of my straddle and repopped it to £70 when we were all about £250 deep effective.

I got two callers for a ~£220 pot. The flop came 3s5s6s giving me the nut flush. The action went check, shove for £180 and I reshoved my stack. He had 66xxxx and I managed to hold and the turn and river didn't pair. Happy days indeed :)

Overall it was a really good night with me profiting just over £300. Pretty swingy as usual, but what do you expect! I'll be returning on Friday/Sat/Sunday night before heading back down to Poole again on Monday morning.

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