Thursday, 11 June 2009

Always blowwwwwin Bubbles...


Tonight was a bit frustrating in the end. I managed to come 13th/13th/17th/19th in four of the bigger tournaments of the night. I was playing my usual aggressive strategy but didn't seem to be able to win the vital flips/all in's required to get to a deep final table. Sigh, but I guess that's just part of the MTT life eh! ;-)

So regardless of quite a loss on the MTT front, I did infact manage to pull through a profit today in PLO winning a couple of buy-ins which was quite nice.

Tonight I was grinding the MTT's out around my friends house who has such a sick sick set-up. He has a 30inch Dell monitor with a 20inch (?) extension on the side and can thus 16 table on full tilt really easily. It's really interesting seeing his side of view to being a winner in the 45 mans on full tilt. Although they initially seem to play very similarly to MTT's they differ quite a lot and I'm sure a lot of the tactics he successfully implements to crush those games just won't apply to MTT's. I think MTT's with antes rely a lot more on aggressive play and bullying rather than preserving chips for big all in showdowns. However, I may be completely off here!

Regardless, it was nice seeing him again and his sick set-up. Definately a name to watch in the future (cjcgrafic on full tilt - sharkscope him!).

Hope all is good,


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