Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Back in Nottingham, Playing PLO


After my blog post last night at about 4am, I thought fuck it, I'm not tired due to waking up so late. So I packed my bags and drove up to Nottingham leaving the house at 4:30am. The journey up was really really good. I'll have to do it again. There were like no cars on the road and it was such an amazing sun rise, with mist in the fields. Probably my fastest drive to Nottingham ever so that was nice. I got in at around 7:30am and managed to get some good sleep.

The evening was spent chilling with friends and smoking shisha. I also loaded up a few PLO tables. I tried to play on Ongame but the new software is sort of tilting and obviously not working correctly yet. After a few attempts I couldn't get my PTO and hud working so I thought screw it and played on stars.

For the first time in a while I managed to pull up a 3 buy-in profit of $150 over the 320 hands I played 2-tabling the game. I really tried to focus and get reads and look at all of the big pots whilst trying to put players on ranges when I wasn't in the hands. I'm quite happy with my preflop hand selection now, but my post-flop still needs a load of work.

One of my larger leaks is spewing more in medium sized pots, like double barrelling too much and stuff which just doesn't seem to be working at these stakes/plo. I think a lot of people if they have a strong draw will try to see it through so I saved a lot of $ in non-showdown pots.

Other than that I had one big pot I lost which was a bit of a cold-deck: You hear about some people folding the second nuts and stuff like this, but I don't think I'm good enough yet and I don't think at 25c/50c that would be too profitable as people get it in with a much wider range than this. I wonder about betting the turn, but I figured this vs particular opponent a large part of his range would be broadway wraps and althought I wouldn't hate getting check-raised all in on the turn, I certainly wouldn't be fist-pumping. Meh, I'll talk to a few people see what they think about the turn play.

So yeah, really happy with the session today. Maybe I can beat these games after-all!


  1. Thanks for the comment mate. I felt like such a DOUSCHE at DTD when I didn't even say hello but I didn't realise who you were. I blame Ant for not introducing us, the stupid big tree.

    Good luck!

  2. Haha no worries mate, I should have introduced myself :)

    Are you up at DTD any time soon?