Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sunday Majors


Really excited today, I'll be playing:

7pm: €140/€100k gtd boss
7pm: $240/$300k gtd Full Tilt (Sunday Brawl)
7:30pm: Turbo Takedown/$1 million gtd Stars
7:30pm: $22r/$19500 gtd Full Tilt
8pm: $163/$50,000 gtd Full Tilt
8pm: $55/$200,000 gtd Stars
8:20pm: $30r/$60,000 gtd Full Tilt (MSOP event)
8:30pm: $11/$250,000 gtd Stars (Sunday 1/4 Million)
9:00pm: $11r/$60,000 gtd Stars
9:00pm: $75/$22,500 gtd Full Tilt
9:20pm: $22/$200,000 gtd Full Tilt (Double Deuce)
9:00pm: $33r/$19,500 gtd Full Tilt
9:30pm: $215/$1,500,000 gtd Stars (Sunday Million)
10:00pm: $250 APPT Macau Sat (I won a sat into this) iPoker
10:00pm: $55/$75,000 gtd Stars
11pm: $216/$750,000 gtd Full Tilt
11pm: €55/€3,500 gtd Boss

The tournies in italics are maybe's depending how many tables I have up. Hope today goes well!


  1. Wats the total BI there m8?? glgl

  2. So you will be a millionaire my Monday morning!!? GL DUDE

  3. Total buy-in: Too much lol! Cashed in the Turbo Takedown for not a lot and only 5 tables to go. Woops! GG my bankroll ;)

    I did satellite into a few of the bigger tournaments, but still, ouch ;) I've got 37k in the Sunday Million so maybe one time?!

  4. in the money sunday million with 154k!! 1 timmmmmmme!

  5. sick MTTer you lad, keep it up, well played!! like the blog