Friday, 5 June 2009

Phil F***ing Ivey, DTD Closure


Phil Ivey just took down the $2500 2-7 lowball event at the WSOP for $96,000. 'Ok, ok' you may think, 'that's not too ridiculous for a high stakes baller like Mr Ivey'. Well couple that with the fact he had over a whopping $3 million in side bets of his own money! Although it's not been confirmed I expect that bracelet earnt him going on $10million in side bets. Pretty sick! The figures aren't exact, but I'm sure keeping a close eye on the "life of ivey" on the poker road may reveal something.

This is quite big news. There has been a bit of media attention lately hinting that the Dusk Til Dawn club will be closing it's doors in the near future. Yikes, terrible news. On further research into this, although DTD does seem to be in a lot of financial difficulties due to the new gambling laws which effectively class DTD as a super-casino with 46 roulette tables (and hence tax them the same) it does look like it will remain open in the medium-term at any rate.

Quick press release

I think unless the gambling tax laws get changed, Rob Yong (the owner) has a number of options:

1) Increase the rake a lot
-Unlikely, as this can only harm the play-base and goes against everything the business man stands for

2) Extend DTD into a casino/poker club
-This is unfortunately a possibility. It really would be a shame to add house-games like roulette and blackjack. It's really nice playing poker in a poker-only environment. Sure there is the argument that it may attract more gamblers to try the games. But I think a lot of the fish will blow through their bankrolls a lot faster too. Also, it's a lot more pleasant being in a completely poker-only environment. But if this is the only way that DTD can increase their revenue, so be it.

3) Sell the club
-Well I honestly can't fault the way it's been run yet. Compared to your typical casino, DTD really is a breath of fresh air. Hard to comment on this though as selling the club under new management can change drastically from case-to-case.

4) The players form some sort of coalition/union
-Quite unlikely, but still a possibility.

I do think though that it may not be at the poker players best interest to go protesting to the government. Especially being in the recession, it would be quite easy for the government to snap on to the fact that poker players in England are some of the only players in the world that don't pay tax on their winnings. It would indeed suck quite a lot if we had to pay income tax on our winnings in that respect then like the Americans do.

Ahh, well. I guess we just have to wait and hope!

I played a little PLO yesterday. I started with $233 in my ongame account. Within about half an hour the account was empty and I just had 2 tables up of 25c/50c. Well on both tables I had stacks of $133 and $166 respectively. I was looking on leaving the tables and spreading the money so that I could multi-table again, but there was this super-fish at one of my tables I was just dieing to stack and couldn't bare to leave with such a big stack. He was playing a game of 54/4 and was a calling station for any draw often finding himself drawing dead.

Well that hand just came up for a whopping $269 pot at 25c/50c (5 buy-in pot :)) and I had him drawing dead when the money went in which is nice. I'm really confused with his play here but can't argue. You may question why I checked the turn as I don't want to let him check behind and hit a full house on the river etc. But vs this villain he's going to be betting out almost 100% if I show weakness. I guess that is the benefit of getting good reads on your opponent rather than playing like a 12 tabling robot.

I'm analysing a few hands from yesterdays session. I think I really spewed hard on this hand. I don't like getting it in here unless I hate 89J with the suited jack and more preferably taking it slower with this many opponents in the pot. Head's up or 3 way I most likely can get it in in a better shape or have some sort of fold equity. But with this many players in the pot I think I should have just check/called and kept the pot small.

Last night I also went to the cinema with my gf to see "Drag Me To Hell" which I didn't think was that good. It was really sick horror with some good frights. But the genre seems a bit over-used now. I could sort of guess what was going to happen next. Heh oh well

Happy grinding!

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