Friday, 26 June 2009

2 $109 FT's!! :) High stakeeeeees!


Although I didn't ship either unfortunately, I did manage to make two $109 Final Tables today :D

Unfortunately, I wasn't fast enough to take a print screen of the party poker lobby as they seem to vanish as soon as the tourny ends.

This is quite reassuring as I was really focusing in on the players and do think that I have a good edge in these tournaments as some of the plays made were pretty bad by a few players. Of course there are some very good players playing these tournaments, but also enough dead money around to make it worth my while playing them!

It was a bit of a shame in the last $109 as I got pretty cold decked with 10 10 vs JJ in blind vs blind for a chip leader pot. I failed to improve and out I went, but I feel assured that it won't be long again before I return and maybe this time I'll be the lucky sod with pocket jacks in the blinds ;)

I also played two satellite today which I won a seat in both. One was a turbo takedown satellite on Sunday which was 6-seater SNG turbo with 2 seats and also a €10rebuy satellite on Boss into their €140/€100,000 guaranteed. I only really played the sat as it started at 7pm when I was only 2-tabling to fill some screen space, but I'm glad I got in on the cheap as I was planning to buy-in direct anyway.

So Sunday is going to be a massive day for me as I plan on playing $215/$300k gtd on party, $215/$1,500,000 gtd on Stars, $215/$750,000 gtd on Full Tilt and €140/€100,000 gtd on Boss. The iPoker Sunday Major is $320 buy-in which is still too much for me, so I may try to satellite in if I can be bothered but it's quite unlikely. I'de much rather just buy-in direct when my roll is a bit bigger.

The roll is around $24,000 at the moment and despite choosing a 200 buy-in rule I've been speaking to a few people including HSMTT'ers and they think I should definitely play the weekly majors as the amount of bad players that satellite in on the cheap create a lot of value. I mean, I wouldn't play one of the $50r's on stars with my roll as the playing field is so much tougher, but I guess the majors are a lot softer. And who knows, maybe if I run super-hot I could have a crazy pay-day.

My only concern though is primarily taking a huge hit to the bankroll, but I think limiting shot-taking to once a week shouldn't be too detrimental as long as I stay fairly rigid with my buy-ins for the rest of the week and be prepared to move up and down stakes as the bankroll permits.

The other concern I have is being outplayed or making robotic decisions without reads. As such, I'll try to limit myself to just playing 6 tables throughout the night. I tried that out tonight and had great success, but there are so many nice looking tournies, especially on a Sunday, that it's really tempting to just load up a ton. I'll experiment with it I think. I mean I'm not quite as pro as some of the grinders like Shaundeeb and stuff so don't think playing $109 freezeouts I would be +ev without paying close attention to the table and getting reads.

I noticed that Mlagoo, a very successful high-stake MTT'er does that. He plays 4 tables and gets good reads on his opponents throughout adding new tables as he busts his existing ones. It works well for him and I just don't think moving up to higher stakes I would have any edge at all if I played robotic poker.

Anyway, enough random dribble! So yeh, today has been really good. I'm withdrawing £468 from my bankroll as today I've just signed up with a new gym so hope to make good use of that! I also cooked spag bol for my the family tonight as it was my step-dad's birthday and thought I owed it to him considering I don't do a lot to help out normally ;)

Hope all is good, ciao!

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