Monday, 29 June 2009

First Majors Session :)

The session started really bad. Like really bad. I was busting everything left, right and center. But kept my focus. The first proper blow was being the bubble boy in the €140/€100,000 on Boss losing AA to AK. It was a bit of a cooler as I was button, he was SB so the money was going in anyway, but with 2 kings on the flop I was drawing very thin!

As the night went on, I was starting to come to terms with the fact that this could be by far my biggest losing session ever. Not to fear, I wasn't planning on folding to a min-cash in anything so I kept the grind on.

Luckily I managed to cash in the Sunday Million on stars coming 356/8055 for $612 which was a start, unfortunately getting slightly unlucky with this hand.

The main cash however, was on Full Tilt Poker. Somehow, I managed to find my self REALLY deep in the $215/$750,000 guaranteed. 8 and a half hours after the start I cash out for $3875 coming 16/3875 players. It was pretty frustrating as with two tables left I lost this pot which would have had me in top 3 chips with a definate final table ahead of me and a good chance of securing that $137,000 first place prize!! But it was not to be. Still, a really nice cash and I look forward to a couple of weeks time when I'll give the majors another run for their money!

Although you do need to run good to get deep in these things, I think a good solid game can really do well as there is certainly a lot of dead money in these tournies. I'm really really happy with how I played today, and despite a couple of beats in the two tournaments, I have to realise that I won some pretty big flips to get that far and if I keep hammering at it, there should be no reason in the forthcoming year that I can't final table one of these biggies!

It's gone 7am now and I'm absolutely nackered, so good night all! Hope everyone elses Sunday was a success!

edit: Just realised, this is my biggest cash I've had in a tournament, just topping the $55 win I took a few days ago! Weeeeeeeeeeeee :D


  1. Good work. After running like death on Full Tilt for 2009 I managed to get my first meaningful cash of the year last night also. $34K guaranteed at 7pm UK time. Got 4th place with $4,200 back for the $24 fee. About f**king time I ran well in one of these.

    Your AA v AK beat is so standard for Boss. I got to the final 14 of the €100k there once and lost 4 hands in a row when huge favourite each time. Was utterly sick .

  2. Wp mate,m real rush you're on now and outlasting Annette_15 too!

  3. Yeh it's been going really lately! Annette_15 really blew up on the final 2 tables she was top 3 with 20 left and came 17th! These big final tables even get to the big pro's it seems!

    I'm trying to keep focusing and improving my game and not getting cocky and feeling that this upswing will last forever. Certainly not looking forward to the inevitable downswing anyway!