Monday, 30 March 2009



A quick update today as I'm sort of rushed, so much in fact that I can't play tournies tonight!

Well, I've played on and off since the last post. Being back home now, I've been around and getting drunk/too hungover to be playing a lot lately. I was quite determined in my last blog entry to have a really hardcore SNG grind session, but then the reality hit me that 9-man SNG's are just insanely boring lol. The thing I like about MTT's is the changing dynamics and huge payouts. When playing SNG's everything seems same old, so much in so that you can play 100% perfect poker if you learnt ICM (basic push-shoving) to an art. This got very boring very quickly. I managed to make a bit of a profit but as I was only play $5 sng's this was nothing too special at all.

Anyway, back to why I am so busy! Tommorow I'll be heading up north to the Nottingham Norweigan Poker Championships. Although I'm not a Scandi or will be playing any tournaments up there I will be playing the juicest cash games on the planet! Last year was just mental, including the whole tabling straddling (so most people were all in blind), 4 way all ins with A-high winning and such-like. I've withdrawn £600 from Boss to play around with. I'll sit at the £1/£2 tables with £100 each time and hope I don't go busto too fast! So that will be Tuesday and Wednesday night sorted.

I'll drive back home on Thursday and then straight onto a plane to (not quite so) sunny Barcelona! My friend is staying there working at a programming company so I thought why not take advantage of the cheap Ryan Air flights and free accomodation. I'll be taking my camera so hopefully get a few nice photos up. It will be a nice break from poker before the Pokerstars SCOOP begins the following week.

On the online front, I played last night and went deep in about 4 tournaments. Managed to come 4th in the $33 on party poker (despite being 1/4 but loosing 3 big races). I also came about 80th/4000 in the $27/$35k gtd on full tilt, 427/30,000 in the $11 tourny on stars for like 3 buyins (lol). And 36/3348 in the $5rebuy loosing a huge pot with JJ to 10 10 which was slightly lame. But then again, welcome to donkaments ;).

Hope all is good for everyone else. I'll update with how Norweigan cash games go! Hopefully it will be on a very positive note!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Update on the party poker sng grind!


As it turns out I won't be playing any more party poker SNG's this week as I'm leaving to visit a friend in Cheltenham soon for some partying and to have some generally degenerate drunk times. I've now completed 40% of the $100 bonus so it's coming along quite nicely. Last night I managed to play 50 of the speed SNG's to be down like $25. Bit lame but due to the nature of them needing to be all in alot you can imagine it's pretty swongy. In total I've played 130 games running at 16% ROI which is quite good. However, as said its a minute sample size. I think I'll look over a few of my pushing decisions to check that I'm making +ev shoves. I'll also have a look at an ICM calculator as I'm sure this is a leak in my game as yesterday I did seem to bubble ALOT.

When I return on Friday, I'll be hammering the Full Tilt 45 mans trying to win some goodies in their SNG March Madness competition that is going on over the weekend. Other than that, Sunday will be a typical day on the grind where I hope I can run good and take down a massive tournament!

I've only played a single digit amount of SNG's on full tilt (for which im down $50 which isn't so terrible as I was mainly playing $33-$27 games at the time). So I'll be able to update at the end of the weekend with a graph showing how I did in those tournies! If it can look anything like my friend Cjcgrafic (sharkscope him on full tilt) who has moved out to a SNG house in Texas for 2 months, then I'll be a very happy bunny.

Laters all!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Latest Tourny Schedule

My nightly Boss tourny schedule is as follows:

7:30pm: €22 / €3500gtd deepstack

7:45pm: €5r / €1500gtd

8:35pm: €11 / €3500gtd

8:45pm: €11 / €2000gtd PLO

9:00pm: €27.50 / €4000gtd

10:00pm: €11r / €7500gtd

As I'm playing so few tournaments I'm really going to put the effort in to concentrate on every hand going down on the tables and get some good notes going on the players. This should help me to see results fast!

Springfest on PKR

This week I've been trying my luck on the infamous PKR. As can be expected due to software restraints that making multitabling nigh on impossible, and the computer-game like feel the standard of play on the site is really bad. Most good regulars on other networks rely on multitabling, tracking software and the like to earn their wages. But PKR seems to just be a sheltered pond of fish, far from the sharky oceans of Pokerstars and Full Tilt at any rate!

So I deposited $100 on the site to give the final week of the series a bash. There seems to be a bit of an overlay and also if I play over 3 events I get into into quite a nice freeroll. So that look's good too!

The first tourny I entered was the $33 pot limit holdem tournament. I managed to cash in it for $68 which was meh, but the structure began to get disgustingly bad near the end with the average stack on my table being around 9-10bbs. There were no antes either and as it was Pot Limit rather than no limit, you can only shove first time round if you have less than 4 big blinds. This meant pumping pre and in many cases shoving any flop. Tactically, I think it then becomes more optimal to reshove wider and call more OOP. For instance if the CO full pots with say 8big blinds, and you have some marginal holding like 9-10 suited in the big blind. With the good odds you get and the fact that if you hit you KNOW you're going to get paid off, calling becomes more profitable. So that was a bit of fun. It would have been nice to final table as first was getting on over $3k but alas! Another day I'm sure ;)

The second tournament I entered of the series was today: $6 PLO 6-seated rebuy. As you can imagine this was wild with several players on my table playing every hand and misunderstanding the concept that you need to play with 2 cards out of your hand not 3. After spending like $50 on rebuys (yeh it was that wild!)I managed to get a pretty big stack before the addon after getting the 2nd nut flush all in vs the table chip leader who had the bare ace in his hand assuming that he could just use 1 card from the 4 dealt to him. Next time it would probably be to his advantage if he read the rules first! I built up a progressively big stack throughout the tournament, but lost a huge pot with a set vs a flushdraw/overpair (which is very standard in omaha)and subsequently lost AAxx to a rundown in a big 4 bet pot 20 places off the money. Not too bothered though as it was actually quite fun and there seems to be a slightly more personal feel being able to chip shuffle and boo your opponents on the virtual felt than you get on say, stars which I find to be very impersonal.

Tommorow I'll give the $20/$15k gtd a go and see if I can cash big there!

Besides PKR I've been playing on loads of sites mainly 4 tabling. Although I have to say I think due to the sheer volume of the sites (8 in total) I'm playing on, my quality of play has been reduced and I'm not concentrating on reads inbetween hands and note taking. As a result of this I think other than PKR, for the rest of the week I'll be sticking to just playing on the boss network and really trying to get good notes on the players. On crypto I had built up quite a collection on a lot of the regs and knew how many played. This helped me alot and may be one of the factors for my success on the site.

I think that boss is nice. The tournament structure is good. Maybe the payouts could be a little wider say like 14%, as at the moment it seems around 8%ish which means cashing is quite a rarity. It also seems quite impersonal in comparison to crypto as there is less banter at the tables and no customisation. The names are also written small so it's hard to remember who's who. But if I just stick to this for the rest of the week and get some good notes going I'm sure it will all be fine and I'll learn to love it!

Other than that, I'll balance the MTT grinding with partypoker speed tournaments (and will show my sharkscope on Friday be up or down - no pressure to myself). I'll continue with the PKR Springfest series this week. And on the weekend I'll be playing the 45mans on Full Tilt for their SNG March Madness promotion to see if I can bag any prizes!

Good luck at the tables all!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Going to bed with a smile on my face...


Uni term is finally over and I drove back down South today. The roads were suprisingly empty and the weather was amazing. I had got my car waxed the previous day so it was glinting in the sun with the windows down and it was such a nice drive back. It's really nice to be home in a clean house again! Not that I don't love Nottingham where I study at uni and my flat mates. It's just that flat will not stay clean! When I say it's not clean, this isn't leaving an odd magasine lying about. This is beer bottles, cigarettes, leftover food all over the floor. It's honestly a hazard site, I'm suprised we haven't created some new viral strain that will wipe out humanity. Oh and for those that know me, it was also really good coming back for a Sunday roast!

Having chilled with the family and settled back in I loaded the tables up in the evening and see what I can make from my shattered roll. I decided to play the $11/$2.5million on stars, $11rebuy on stars, $22/double deuce on full tilt and just fill the rest up with tournaments that were registering so that I was 4-5 tabling. Now that I'm playing on so many sites it makes mass-multitabling almost impossible due to overlay/different layouts etc. It also occured to me that my tournament game is far far far from an optimum. As such, I don't think I can be playing robotic 10 tabling+ as I'm sure those rushed decisions would be poor. After my recent downswing I've really been trying to analyse each individual situation and get as many reads as possible. Whether this is a better strategy than getting sick volume in I don't know. At least looking at the bankroll statement at the end of every night isnt as bad if I only min-cash in a couple afer playing 30 tournaments!

So tonight I also loaded up a couple of the nightlys on Betfair ($22 and $11 respectively) as well as a few on iPoker, the midnight oil on OnGame and the €3500 gtd deepstack on the boss network as well as a few on stars/full tilt.

I only cashed in one tournament tonight after 2 bubbles on Pokerstars. But was that a cash to be proud of!

This was my first tournament I'de played on the DTD software since their move and I really am not going to complain at all! A slight cause for concern is that although this is a "deepstack" tournament, I arrived on the final table as 2/10 with just 21 big blinds, so the average was just over 10 big blinds. The final table wasn't too tough and I ended heads up vs the toughest opponent on the table. Heads up was over very fast after getting it on with 67 on a a377ssxx board vs k5ss. So he was drawing very thin and I held! Ship it!!

So so so happy now. It's so relieving to finally take down another tournament. It feels like it's been so long and as a tourny player it's what we live for!

Hope everyone took advantage of the nice weather this weekend! Speak soon!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Changes Changes Changes...


The past week poker has been more on the back-foot. I've played selectively live and the occasional online tournament but the volume has definately decreased. After my recent bad run it gets increasingly depressing going deep and loosing massive, important coin flips time after time on final table bubbles or just really deep. Regardless I made two final tables on party poker, which has to be a good thing!

The $33 freezeout was a bit of a disappointment as I came in 2/10 but was surely after 9/9 when queens couldnt hold vs QK all in preflop! But that's tournament poker for you ;).

Instead I've been having some nice success live. Tonight, I went down to DTD at around 1amish to see if there were any juicy games. I sat down with £100 at a £1/£2 table with reloads in my pocket if needed. In the first hour I came to a £250ish stack after cold-decking the gentlemen to my right when I flopped a set of queens on a Q86 board vs his pair of kings. Nothing could have really been done there but I'll take it. It's nice to run good live at least!

The table broke a few hands later, so (foolishly?) I decided to remove my buyin for the day and freeroll the £2/£2 dealers choice game. Hahaha! Paduki?! Super Stud?! speak it motherfucker!?

I started off playing really tight and checking out the players. Automatically spot the wealthy Greeks pot, pot, potting every street. I quickly learnt the rules of the games, but it takes a little longer to understand ranges and relative hand values. For instance, paduki is a 3-draw game where by the objective is to have the 4 cards in your hand all being off-suit and non-paired. The nut hand is a rainbow a-4. Now I may be originally dealt a 2h 4d 10s 6d with just the suited 6 on the first drawing round. I was stuck whether to discard two or one here. This probably made me a bit of an under-dog in these games, so I played a lot tighter than most whilst observing and having fun getting to grips with the games.

I managed to double through vs a regular there in Super Stud. This is a game that is played similar to hi-lo however you are dealt 5 cards down and choose the 2 you want in the hole and the one shown up and discard the other 3. Confusing? Yeh it was lol! Anyway I was dealt 10 10 10 x x and obviously decided to play my trips. The table was very aggressive so I limped under the gun planning on shoving any pot bet. Everyone called but no raise this time. I managed to get it in on 4th street repping a flush and boated with the last hidden card which was nice vs a busted flush draw/low. So I was kind of lucky he bricked and kind of lucky I paired. Not sure of the %'s remotely but I guess we were flipping on the last card.

Unfortunately my £250 stack dwindled £150 playing 6 card omaha hi when i turned the nut straight (with nut redraw hearts) but the river paired forcing me to tank/fold having put a large portion of my stack in. Kindly the fellow showed me the boat when I passed.

In the end, I walked out up £130 on the night, which is by no means bad! It was good fun to play the mixed games, but I must be such a fish vs a decent line out and the variance especially in some of these draw games must be ridiculous! People complain about the variance in normal omaha. Try adding 2 more cards lol! The sucksouts and resuckouts are pretty crazy.

Anyway, back to the online front. I shall be returning my online grind next week when I go home for the Easter holidays. Unfortunately it seems Nottingham break up earlier than most uni's so none of my mates will be back for a week. I guess this means I should be able to get in good volume anyway! And hopefully good profits! I have decided to respread my rolls meaning I will have money on the following networks (breath)...iPoker, Boss, Ongame, Betfair, Party, Stars, Full Tilt.

Previously I've taken the line of having say £100ish on a few sites and playing my usual buy-in shots and redepositing if I bust it taking money out one of my other accounts/live funds (which is super likely playing $55 freezeouts with a $140 roll etc.). However, this is really quite demotivating if you have to redeposit like 3/4 times a month on some sites as you don't cash in 10 tournies running or whatever (which is super standard). So instead I'll try and just boost the rolls playing low stakes cash (zzz) or preferably sng's to rebuild my rolls if they start to dip below a certain point.

Sorry for the long dribble session I've just forced upon you! Hope all is well for everyone at the tables! Good luck!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Live Cash: Why do I ignore thee!?

Live cash has been so profitable for me in the past but I seem to not put the effort in to hunt these cash games down. They are so so so much more profitable (and fun) than online cash games. Tonight was no exception. I was lucky enough to greet a few drunks and wealthy gamblers at my £1/£2 table tonight at Dusk Til Dawn which was super-fishy compared to usual. Nevertheless I got stuck right in and built up to a £500ish stack.

I sucked out majorly with my first £100 getting it in on a 10 9 2 board and cracking pocket kings to a maniac. He wasn't impressed. But at the end of the night lost over £100 with flush over flush so I guess this all levels out ;).

During the day today I continued my SNG grind on party poker 9 tabling the speed games. I think these are also very profitable. If there is one thing that I've learnt this year so far due to my downswing is that exclusive tournament play without being backed or without using a 200 buy-in rule really is a big risk and you have to be willing to face up and move down stakes if you hit a bad run. I mean everyone gets them. I feel like I'm particularly unlucky whilst in reality, if I didn't have a loosing month or two playing exclusively multi-table tournaments I'de have to be blessed by the Gods or have a super-user account!

I think in future therefore, as I want to continue having tournaments as my speciality and main-game to also have SNG sessions and live cash sessions which with significantly reduced variance will help me to cope with the inevitable swings associate with large field tournament poker.

On a non-gambling front, I watched the film Into The Wild . It's so awesome, seriously. Here's a trailer for anyone interested.

I have to also point out my favourite two songs at the moment.


Hope everyone enjoys them! Good luck at the tables all!

Friday, 13 March 2009

Rebuilding low variance style!


I'm trying to replenish my online rolls on various sites by taking advantages of various bonuses. Party have allowed me a $100 bonus if i play a ton on their site. I started out with some 25nl, got bored really quickly, switched to 25plo, won 3 buyins in 15 minutes but the limpfest of low limit plo was just too frustrating!

So I'm going to be mass multitabling the speed sng's. When i say mass, i mean 9, but due to the limited time per hand it feels like 18 tabling on stars. I started with the $6 sng's this morning and I'm up over $100 in the first 18 i've played. (bit of a heater maybe?). So I'm moving up to the $10 sng's and hopefully in the next couple of days be at the $20 ones.

Tonight I'm going to head to Dusk Til Dawn with a friend to hit the cash tables. I'll probably sit down with £100 at £1/£2 or £0.5/£1 depending on the players and nittyness! I've just got to stay away from the £2/£2 omaha. I've probably won the most at that table, but the variance is huge, and I would be lieing to say I havent ran hot their previously. The biggest pot I think I've won was a 4 or 5 way all in on that PLO table for £800 (shame I only had about £200 commited!). I got it in with AK78ssdd and managed to flop the nuts which was nice! But that was a long time ago!

Anyway, hope everyone has a good weekend at the tables. Will update on Sunday with how I did if not before!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

The past week

Hey all!

I hope everyones doing well! The £330 was a partial success. When I say partial is because I got off to such a good start doubling up in the first level when I flopped the nut straight vs a set of aces. So a bit of a cold deck for the other guy, but with blinds only at 25/50 and with me having a 20,000 stack I had plenty of room to manoveure. From this 20,000 stack I managed to grind up without showdown to around 52,000 at the end of the day with 103 players left, top 36 paid.

Day 2 on the other hand. Epic fail! Having had not too much sleep I arrived at DTD kind of blurry eyed with Andi who came exclusively for the weekends cash games. The first 45 minutes I was completely card dead but managed to increase my stack up to 61,000 staying ahead of average the whole way. But then it happened with about 70 players left. I had been pretty card dead and in the next 2 levels I must have been involved in 5 opens, 4 of which were reraised when I just had marginal holdings like KQ, 66, a9suited etc. which I had to fold. I know as I'm young I automatically get seen as a LAG online kid who's always raising with shit, but as the antes were climbing I had genuine hands but not hands good enough to go to showdown. I'm pretty sure I wasn't getting 3-bet light either as 3/4 times I was shown aces. Just kind of in the wrong spot at the wrong time I guess.

After getting slightly cold decked in SB to BB confrontations, which in retrospect I don't think I played well for what its worth, I was left with an 11bb stack. Folded to me on the button and I shoved A8suited, called by KQ and that was that! For what its worth I was knocked out by Beppe from East Enders so at least it wasn't too bad. At the time I was thinking how the hell can you call with that, but I think against my range of holdings (much worse kings etc.) that I'm shoving in the situation it wasn't a terrible call with the antes. It was however for 2/3 of his stack. Still suprised he snapped, but there you go!

I've changed my online schedule and I am instead trying out the day time tournaments for the meanwhile. There's only 2 more weeks of Uni left before we break up for Easter and the evenings are becoming increasingly busy. So instead I'm trying out the day time tournaments and finding that with the smaller fields and spewy play they can potentially be quite profitable. Next week I think I may be playing evenings again as PKR has a series going on which will be mega soft I'm sure, but that all depends if I can deposit on the site!

I've also decided to focus on trying to play 4 tables at a time rather than say 15. It has dawned on me that I'm not as good as I want to be, and although I am in a bit of a downswing it certainly doesn't help by making rushed decisions and getting into super marginal situations without needing to. As a result, I'm sticking to 4 tables. I bought SNGPowertools to help me with my push-shove game as I think I have some work to do in that (like working out is it profitable to shove 89suited from the hijack with 11 big blinds at the ante stage etc.). Hopefully this too will help improve my game and I'll increasingly get myself in more deep spots in tournaments. I tested out the software a bit this morning and went on a mini-heater playing 4 turbo $16 sng's on pokerstars and winning 3 of the 4. Investment paid for already!

Anyway, I hope my volume isnt too slack coming up to Easter, but during the holidays I'll be playing like a mad-man and hopefully my bankroll will reflect this!

On a side note, awesome job Ant for chopping the £250 livament last night! £5k, you beast!! I'll never catch up at this rate lol!

Friday, 6 March 2009

Getting pumped for the weekend!

I'm making my comeback! Yup, I've managed to sell 50% of my action for the DTD £330 deepstack again this month so I'll be taking another shot. The last couple of days I've really been focusing on my game, watching strategy videos and discussing hands where I think my play wasn't the best with other poker players and discussing alternate ways of playing hands. I'm so ready for some live deepstack too.

Online I havn't had too much success. I've just been playing exclusively on the crypto network lately, with the two highlights being 3rd in the $22/$1500 gtd for like $180 and the NTX 2000 £20/£2000 in 6th I think for a not too fantastic result. I have slacked a little in volume this week by staying away from the other main sites I play on but this volume will be trippled when I'm back home in Easter and will be hardcoring it most nights.

What else have I been busy with? Well, last night was pretty awesome. It was my friend Hassan's birthday and a load of us drove down in 5 cars to Birmingham for a meal. We ended up at Jimmy Spice, which is an all-you-can-eat buffet featuring foods from all over Asia and Italy. Some of it was so so good like some of the curries. And I always love the little chinese starters like spring rolls. After we all rolled out the restaurant we hit a shisha joint nearby. For those that don't know, shisha (or hookah as the Americans call it) is a bong-like instrument where you can smoke flavoured tobacco and when u breathe out theres so much smoke so that you can do rings and other tricks. It's a really nice play to chill with people and as there was getting on 20 of us, really good time to sit back, chat and smoke.

I've been to a few shisha cafes before around the country and this was by far the best I've been to. The flavours were so strong and the smoke was so thick. It was just perfect! They had some really weird combinations as well like 'cola and strawberry'. Myself, Jin, Mike and Usman chose "extreme's" which was a secret tobbaco mix recipe exclusive to this venue. All we could establish was that the base of the shisha (where water goes) was replaced with lemon juice and ice (and possibly rosewater). But it was the nicest smoke I've ever had. It's a shame Birmingham is over an hours drive away or I'de be down there all the time.

On a side note, my friend Chris from home has just arrived in Texas, USA for an 8 week stay in a $1million mansion with the SNGIcons guys. How amazing! A poker house with the top sng specialists in the world. I expect his game to improve 56839x over the period and can really see him making a lot of money this year. I wanted to challenge myself to make more money than Ant this year but it looks like I could have another contendor! Best of luck mate, have a great time out there!

Tonight, I'm going with a few of the guys into Nottingham for a bit of a pub crawl and just a general piss-up. Should be fun as always, but I'll try not to drink too much as I want to be 100% A-game tommorow night for the DTD deepstack!

Hope all is well!

Monday, 2 March 2009

F U February!

February was by far the worst month I've ever had in the year+ of playing poker. Really brutal. About 10 final table bubbles of big touraments where either hands didn't hold or I lost big flips. As a result my roll has been depleted somewhat.

I'll be playing the usual mix when I do play online, but will be dropping the full tilt $75 and $20 rebuys as I am no longer rolled for these. It was a very frustrating month, as initially it went off to a flying start with my bankroll soaring over the £5k mark, yet the inevitable downward side of variance has slapped me in the face pretty hard since the first week for a horrible 3 week downswing where every session had losses. This has turned my year so far to be completely break even regardless of the number of hours I've put in thus far. Really annoying but what do you do! The funny thing is that if i hadn't played the live deepstack events I would have merely broken even on the month. But alas!

Today I had a better session that the last couple of days and managed to win the £1400 gtd tourny. This is in fact the 3rd time I've done. I also scraped a minimum cash in the $215 $750k tournament on full tilt which i satelitted into. It was actually a really nice tournament and I had Erick Lindgren to my left for a good portion too (and he spoke to me woot!). Shame I didn't do better but from a mixture of card dead and playing like a pussy near the bubble, nothing was to become of this!

My February goals were as follow:

-£1000 profit
-epic fail. Was my first big loosing month since November
-Playing my A-Game in the monthly DTD Deepstack
-I think I played well in this tournament. Was out on a pretty brutal beat but poker is all about making the correct decisions, so i'm happy here.
-Watch at least 5-6 videos this month
-Yup, some points have definately helped my game out a bit
-Take a few shots at the prelims of the GUKPT Walsall
-Shots taken, ran terribly. Probably a mistake but still was really fun and good experience
-Get into a good grinding pattern online to help get good volume which will in turn help me to afford taking shots at some of these live deeper stacked games.
-Got a good grinding pattern, shame I ran terribly! Definately not a problem with volume though
-DO NOT play live cash at my C-Game but just quit when I'm not feeling like playing!
-Problem solved by not playing any live cash this month!

Anyway, optimistically onto March! Here are my goals!

1) Get onto the online grind again. Moving down the limits slightly and no more shot taking

2) Get back into a good eating/work out lifestyle. Fitness and clear thought seem to go hand in hand so this is a must

3) Dedicate some nights away from poker each week to chill with friends/go out with my girlfriend/go clubbing etc. The breaks will do me good!

4) Stop slacking during the day before tournys begin. Get studying for my uni exams!

5) Keep reading and researching my game every day. Constantly trying to plug leaks.

6) By the end of April i want the bankroll back over £5000 again.

7) Play a little bit of low stakes PLO to mix up the games a bit!

8) No more live shot taking this month. PERIOD.

Well I hope everyone else had a better February than me. Let's hope March is the big comeback month! Bring it!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

The Word

2009 will be the year I... will become a regular winning player at higher stakes online tournaments

I'll never get sick of... taking down tournaments

You'll never get me to eat... mustard or horse-radish

You can tell alot about someone by...
their outlook on life

A year isn't enough time to... do all of the travelling I want to do!

You can only trust... your instincts

I've always wanted to... play in the WSOP main event

My online poker role model is... AJKHoosier1 or Moorman1

My live poker role model is... Daniel Negreanu or Ivey

I have no desire to play poker like... Jamie Gold

I would be a terrible... Nosebleed cash player

My biggest leak... final 3 tables of large-field tournaments by getting into too many all-in showdowns

My biggest live leak... assuming everyone plays a similar way and no-one would limp behind with QQ etc.

My biggest live tournament cash... winning the £55 freezeout at Dusk Til Dawn for £1100

My biggest online tournament cash... 2nd place in the $9 rebuy on party poker for $1500