Monday, 22 June 2009

Biggest Tourny Cash Ever!


I know this is my second post of the day, but I think this is worth posting about! As I stated in the earlier blog post, I'm staying up over 24 hours to try and get back into a somewhat regular sleep pattern. So I registered for a few tournaments from 8pm-11pm on stars and full tilt to keep me occupied.

Somehow out of all of this, with several coffees and cans of relentless later I manage to ship the $55/$10,000 gtd on Full Tilt for just over $3,000. My biggest cash to date :D.

I was pretty buzzed up and focused due to probably o/d'ing on caffeine and was able to make some quite nice reads, thus some somewhat unorthodix spewy plays which seemed to pay off: I was getting quite a nice dynamic going with this guy. I had been opening a ton in late position and he seemed completely determined to call most of these and try to outplay me and win the pots. I got the better of him in this one exploiting his somewhat aggressive tendencies. Some call it spew, other's call it having balls. I'm pretty sure it's the first, but from the way this guy was playing from the final two tables it was pretty evident he was playing with scared money and I don't think by the river action he is calling this given my line. It's also pretty obvious he has the best hand here by a longway, but the pot was so big that I was willing to gamble for it as that would clinch me a strong stack that could take me to short-handed play with ease. After I over-shoved he did time-bank it down which did get my heart pumping a little, but that's all part of the fun, right? ;)

So yeh, I'm a luckbox and the bankroll is at the highest it's ever been now, just over £14,000. Woot!


  1. well done, and am pretty sure its the latter, big balls!!!