Wednesday, 22 December 2010

2010 Review and 2011 Goals


Yes this post is coming early, but I've just finished off my last poker session of the year as I'm leaving Nottingham and heading to my family home in Dorset tomorrow where I'll be seeing friends and family for a few days before then jetting off to India on the 26th and returning to these cold shores sometime in mid-January.

So 2010 has been a pretty busy year for myself. I finished my last ever year of formal education (perhaps!) and managed to graduate. I went to Vegas and had arguably the best summer of my life. I got back with my girlfriend earlier on in the year and things are going great on that front. I also took holidays skiing in France, binge-drinking in Turkey and throwing snowballs in Vienna. Oh, and I decided to give playing poker professionally a shot! I'd say 2010 has been a great year.

Although this is my lifetime graph of the games I've played I think the year started around game 3000. I was on my last year of university and wasn't working on my game, exercising any bankroll management or really playing much at all due to a lot of real-life commitments.

I only played on Sundays for a while and partly ran bad, partly didn't deserve to do too well which resulted in a pretty nasty downswing to start the year off with. In fact in the first 6 months of the year I only managed to play a measly sum of around 1000 games losing pretty badly throughout.

Around game 4000 is when I returned from Vegas. For the readers that have been following the blog for a while it was safe to say I was pretty much busto. I hadn't degenned my money off hard or even lost significant portions of my bankroll. That would have probably made for a better read, but the truth of the matter was I had to put a lot of money aside for future living expenses, paying up front for 9 months rent of my flat/my bills/a new computer etc. etc.

This left me with around $2000 for poker, but with lots of spare time and enough money secured in the bank to keep me a float for the next 9 months regardless of what happened. Yeh, I felt pretty busto!

I'm happy to say that with some careful bankroll management, putting in a lot of volume, working on my game and exercising careful bankroll management the next few months to finish off my year have been really good. I only reported two losing weeks since coming back from Vegas and those were both the two weeks I played the least amount of games in. I've got a bankroll again and I can't wait for 2011. It should be a big year...

My Goals for 2011:

1) I don't like setting monetary goals too much. You can control how many hours you put into studying your game and you can control the amount of hours you spend grinding the tables. What you can't do though is control variance. I would however like to see myself grinding my current schedule hard for a couple more months and hopefully, with a little run-good on my side, get my bankroll over the $50k mark. Then I'll be fully rolled for the majors. Which leads me onto my first goal of 2011. Winning a major. I don't care what site it's on, I don't care when it happens. I just want to ship one!

2) Fitness and health. I really need to sort this one out. It's only been a few months since going pro and I really feel that if I'm not careful I will start to put on some chub in the forthcoming year. You feel so much better when you work out and eat healthily but it's way too easy to just sit on the computer chair all day and order takeaway food. I'm going to try to work out before every session. Keep cooking healthier food and cut back heavily on my takeaways. I enjoy cooking, it's just the effort and time of cooking which annoys me. So lazy I know!

3) Improving my game. The game is constantly evolving and if I want to keep ahead of the curve I'm going to have to keep evolving my game too. That includes noting hands down mid-session which I'm unsure about and trying to watch at least 3-4 training videos every week.

4) Live Poker. Weird as it may now be, I really am starting to enjoy live deepstacked tournaments a lot more. Sure, they are frustrating as hell, but I want to keep grinding them. I'd really like 2011 to be my break-through onto the live scene. I've played a surprisingly large number of live tournaments in the past couple of years and really other than a few scores here and there I have had next to no success in them. I don't believe I have huge live-game leaks, although maybe others can comment on this one. My approach for 2011 on the live poker front will be to try and qualify online for as many seats as I can. Keep focusing and keeping my A-Game and preying to the poker gods that sooner or later I have my breakthrough and can put in a really good result live. I seem to get deep in most live deepstack tournaments I play but can never make it to that elusive final table let alone ship one. I guess getting in the volume is key here. Thankfully, DTD is on my doorstep which helps a great deal. I plan on playing every £300 deepstack they have there and winning a few seats to other events around the country/Europe too.

5) Travel. I love travelling and I love how poker can give the freedom to travel. But I don't think as of yet that I'll get that much travelling done this year other than to live events. I'm almost certain I'll go back to Vegas for around 4 weeks in the Summer and maybe book a trip later on in the year. But other than India at the start of the year, this might be a little bit more of a quiet year on this front.

6) Las Vegas. I'm already looking forward to this trip though. This time round I'm going to pit gamble less and hopefully hire a car so that I can play more live tournaments at my own leisure. I'll play less online, if any this time round. I'll see Vegas as a holiday to work towards as well. I'd love to have the roll to play $1ks off my own money without having to sell action and similarly be in great shape before heading to the land of the obese! I mean it's going to be inevitable I'll put on weight over there again, so I might as well prepare myself and get in shape before I go so I don't come back feeling like a massive slob again.

And that's that. I'm clocking out for 2010 now and eagerly awaiting 2011. See you all in the New Year!

Monday, 20 December 2010

DTD £1k Monte Carlo

This week I hardly put any volume in online. In fact my only session I played was tonight (Sunday) grinding with Ledders and Tim who are staying in Nottingham for the weekend because of the DTD £1k.

The start of the week I was feeling a bit under the weather with a cold and a heavy dose of man-flu. It's probably for the best I didn't play as I felt pretty lethargic too so just bummed around taking vit-c shots and watching movies. Luckily I managed to recover in time for my birthday on Wednesday which was spent chilling with friends/girlfriend and generally having a very good day.

I still didn't really have the poker-buzz on Thursday and insta agreed to meet up with Ledders and his friend Tim who had arrived in Nottingham on the train to chill out and grab some food in the evening. We had a few beers and donked around on Guitar hero then headed out to Pizza Express before finally getting a cab over to Dusk Til Dawn after hearing about a free bar for all the players who had registered for the £1k starting the following day. Ship it!

Well, we would ship the free drinks if they hadn't stopped serving the free drinks when we arrived! Already slightly merry we ventured onto the cash tables and I proceeded to spew off £500 in a mix of £1/£2 NLH and £2/£2 dealers choice. TBH I wasn't playing horrifically but wasn't exactly hitting the deck too hard either! I wasn't too fussed anyway, wanting to save all my run-good for the tournament the following day, plus I've been on a pretty hot run lately online up just over $7k on the month so far, so a little bump in the road won't hurt profit figures too much anyway!

Come Friday and I'm feeling alive and kicking and can't wait to crush the Monte Carlo event. My table draw appears to be pretty good with a few relatively weak players mixed in with Nik Persaud (London live pro) and Tom Middleton (HitTheHole online - very very good player). It was quite funny really as I'd only just been playing (and losing) to HitTheHole the previous week after he raped me to pieces in the $300 6max and is in my opinion one of, if not the best, tournament player in the UK at the moment.

Play started at £1k with 255 runners turning up all aiming to take the ~£75k first place. It was going to be a long, but fun few days.

Disappointingly I managed to lose half my stack relatively in a quite interesting spot. The HJ, who seemed relatively weak limped and I iso raised As9s. It folded around to him and he quickly called.

I cbet the dry Qx4s3x board after he check-called and I barrelled the Ts on the turn. By the river the board read Qx4s3xTsQs. So I river the nut-flush but the board paired. Regardless, he decided after check-calling the first two streets to lead into me and I raised for value thinking a large part of his range was random Qx he limped like QJ/Q9/QK or perhaps some sort of flushdraw that got there somehow (maybe 5s6s) etc. I also didn't think he'd have 33/44 much in his range as even the most passive of opponents normally try to get more money into the pot with their baby sets on drawy boards at some point during the hand. As it happened, I re-popped his river lead and he thought for 10second and then 4bet me. Sighhh/fold I guess...He probably had QT or maybe a badly played low set.

Anyway after that hand I managed to go on a little rush and without showdown rebuilt my 16k stack to 98,100 to end the day with. I was very happy with my play, I felt I put a lot of pressure on people and was picking my spots well.

Come day 2, I hit the gym in the morning again and felt excited for playing my best game of poker. I managed to slowly build my stack up to 170,000 before losing a monster flip with 99 to AK leaving me back at 98,000. 100 chips less than I started the day with 4 hours in. Back to the grind... I was moved tables recognising a few faces and not recognising a few others. Including mammoth stack Jerome Bradpiece of whom Cos informed me on the dinner break was a regular on the UK-poker scene and an extremely loose aggressive player when he had chips. This could be fun...

The first hand back it folded to him on the button and he opened 2.1x. The small blind folded and it came to me in the BB with AQs and 33bb remaining. I elected to 3bet, he thought for a little while and 4bet me. I hollywooded for 10 seconds then crammed it in his face and he folded. Easy game!

2 hands later and it folds to him again, he opens and I elect to 3bet the button with As4s on the button as a bluff. He tanked for a while and looked visibly frustrated before folding somewhat angrily. Nice....I've put him on tilt :)

The very following hand I look down at 99, surprise surprise, Jerome opens again and I decide to keep the pressure on with my 45bb's aiming to 3bet/call it off feeling he was getting really pissed off with me ruining his plans of running over the table. So he raised, I 3bet, he thought for a while and 4bet and I 5bet crammed it in his face once again.

He thought for a little while before calling with JJ. Really kind of a lame spot especially as I didn't get there ;) but whatevssssss! I came about 20 off the money. I'm not so sure about the hand. Given the dynamic online I'd be cramming it in the same situation all day of the week. But I was 45-50bb deep in a very well structured live tournament with 75 minute levels. Yes I could have picked a better, lower variance spot. I'm sure the play was +EV but maybe not optimal. This could just be me doubting my play as well after bricking yet another day 2 tournament though. Who knows, maybe one day I'll bink it when I'm behind and go on to win...

Nah not likely ;) I'll just add it to the long tally of lifetime MTT bricks I've made. Maybe next time, eh..

This forth coming week I'm heading back down to Dorset for Christmas with the family and plan on putting my last two MTT sessions of the year in on Monday and Tuesday. I'd love to be +$3k on those two sessions to finish off the year on a $10k month, but that WOULD be running good!

After that, I'm off on holiday with a friend to India to finish the year off. It's currently a stable 30c every day there and I can't wait. I love exploring new cultures and I love the cuisine. I'm going to have a pretty open mind on my travels and hope to do some reflecting at the same time. More to come!

Gl at the tables all...

Monday, 13 December 2010

Snowy Vienna, A Few Binks and a Few Bricks


A few weeks ago I won a package to the Betfair Live tournament in Vienna which was a €250 buyin with €100,000 guaranteed. The guarantee was actually smashed almost hitting €200k making a very tasty prize pool in the end.

As part of my package I was given $500 'spending money' which pretty much all went on the hotel and flights alone. I didn't take any euros over but decided to take £800 to gamble with and spend. I wasn't too bothered about the tournament and in fact didn't even know any of the details of it before leaving England. I was mainly just going for the holiday and getting some time away from the computer..

I ran pretty hot at the start of the trip blagging myself an extra €250 after my flight with Swiss Airways was overbooked and I opted to take a later flight. This almost went horrendously tits up as shortly after my original scheduled flight took off the runway was closed due to too much snow. The thought of spending the next few days in an airport didn't sound like it was anywhere near worth €250 but fortunately for me the flights reopened later and I made my way to snowy Vienna :)

I met up with one of my good friends who's currently studying at the university of Vienna. We did the whole touristy scene, looking around the city centre, drinking lots of alcoholic fruit punch and eating Wiener Schnitzels and sausages.

I've got to say, Vienna actually has the most beautiful city centre I've seen in any European city. What's more, the food is really nice for European standards (nothing beats Asia :p) and the people were all extremely friendly regardless of who I was speaking too.

I couldn't actually recommend the city enough for a weekend break as it really is stunning especially around Christmas.

Once all the touristy mumbo-jumbo was out of the way with it was time to gambooool.

The main event was going quite well. I chipped up nicely and made a few solid laydowns and good calls making day 2 with around average stack. Story of my live poker career I know, but I busted out shortly before the money reshoving 25bb with AQs over a 12bb button shove in the small blind only for the big blind to wake up with AA. The button had AT. Rigged or what?!

From then on it was the cash tables. I've ranted before of how I find live NLHE cash to be the most boring, draining, boring, slow, boring, crap, boring thing ever. So to the PLO tables I headed.

The games were great. So much fun. It was really your stereotypical old school poker game. Everyone had huge stacks built up over the night, it was smokey, loads of action, alcohol. It was brilliant! What's more it was one of those hardcore games that never seemed to break and there really wasn't any strong players in the games.

There was a single blind of €2, but that didn't stop the pots escalating to an average of about €500 with some reaching over €3k.

I managed to get off to a good start in the games and this is a photo I took of my best stack of the trip. The blues are €10 each, red/blacks €100, greens €5 and reds €1. That was in the same session that I managed to lose the biggest pot of my life as well with AK23 vs AAxx on A459 rainbow board. I've got to say that €1700 pot been shipped to the donko after he binked a 5 on the river after we got it all on the turn kinda hurt.

I spewed back a bit in my last session playing the game but managed to leave Vienna a winner of €1000 after all my expenses so I was very happy with that. I think on this trip I managed to find a good balance between poker/tourism too. Overall it was an amazing trip and I can't wait for my next trip abroad.

Arriving back in England I put a fair bit of volume online in again getting a few binks in including a lovely €3600 score in the ladbrokes €20r 6max. I used to love that tournament about a year ago but hadn't really played it since for bankroll reasons/laziness of playing on the euro sites on just a laptop. So it was really nice to win it the first time I'd played it in a while.

This week as well I've managed binks in the OnGame $100fo/$5k gtd and the Ladbrokes €55 turbo. :)

In other news, the RCOOP is over now and I'm sad to say that it's another series I'm adding to my ever-growing list of having no success whatosever in! This seems to be somewhat of a recurring theme unfortunately.

Whatever I seem to take shots in outside of my bankroll I just do horrifically in. I'm almost certain as well that I'm not playing that bad. I mean even if I was massively -EV on the field you'd expect me to get more than 2 min-cashes in my last 50ish $200 buyin tournaments online right? I mean, I haven't had a cash in this RCOOP, the previous FTOPs, one mincash in the FTOPs before and no cashes in the majors I sold action to today! Grrr...It's more frustrating than anything else.

I guess you could put it as 'fortunately' that I am selling action for these tournaments but TBH I am getting fed up of always letting my investors down in these spots. I'm in two minds going forward about what I should do for these series.

For one, I found that the RCOOP was exceptionally tough. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that the RCOOP $300 6max tournament was the toughest tournament I've ever played before in the 7000-8000 tournaments I've played before. I don't frequent the highest of stakes regularly online so I don't know how it compares to say a weekday $100r or whatever, but damn, Britain really does have some talent. There are so many excellent online players coming up and really an abundance of 'fish' especially in the higher staked games online from England. I think this series really exemplified that.

Saying that, the tournament series was ALOT of fun. It was great really being challenged and having to take my thought process to a higher level to stay afloat in the games. At the end of the day though, as is the case in tournament poker. If you can't win the flips, you won't get far!

I'm just glad I don't try to grind these games out on the regular for a living, as they are tough.

In comparison, the Sunday majors which are found on almost all sites with various satelittes, a high-buyin and a high guarantee are a lot softer. I just can't decide if I want to keep trying to sell action and playing these each Sunday or not. I feel that I'm +EV on the field, but at the same time my biggest downswing ever was mainly due to running bad in these huge field variance fests. Part of me wants to gamble, play them every week to see if I can hit a big 6-figure score. The other part of me feels like I should wait until I'm properly rolled for the games (I'd like to have a $50k bankroll to say I'm properly rolled). 

I think to compromise what I might do depending on how well I've done the week preceding is to put $50 a side for each major to try and satelitte in and play with 100% of my own action. That way I'll still be able to get the volume in at my regular stakes and have a chance each week to bink on one site or the other. It could keep things interesting until I gather the roll to play them all on my own dime.

Anyway its 3:20am and this blog post was WAY longer than I thought it would be, but I've had a lot to say. If you've managed to get this far, very well done. I don't know why you bother, but here is your reward. Enjoy:

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The US Regulation of Online Poker - Impact on the Euros

This is a cross post from a blog I read that sums it up really well. So thanks to The F-Train for breaking down the new bill. It's a really interesting news.

Cliff notes: US is fucked and looks to have no online poker for the next 2 years, Euros will be pretty much alone on Stars/FTP for the next 2 years. Euro sites with sportsbooks in the distant future will still be Euro-only (e.g. iPoker, Will Hill) and by the looks of things for the next 3 years Euros and US won't be playing in the same games together. Although this looks very unfortunate for my American colleagues, it looks like the games will get a lot softer. I will be interested to see if and how some people will get around the rules if they can.

Here we go again. A new version of Harry Reid's internet poker bill, the "Prohibition of Internet Gambling, Internet Poker Regulation, and Strengthening UIGEA Act of 2010" (what a mouthful!), started making the rounds on Capitol Hill yesterday. Thanks to Kevin Mathers, I was able to get a look at it this morning to see what (if anything) had changed.

Unfortunately, because of wildly divergent formatting, and the fact that this version of the bill is MUCH more "fleshed out" than the first version, getting a blackline of the two versions proved exceedingly difficult. So if I miss any major differences, that's the primary reason why. 

My summary of the original version of the bill is available here.

On to the highlights of the new version:

* Let's get the bad news out of the way first. Contrary to previous reports, this version retains the two-year exclusion for operators who have not owned or controlled a casino or race track for a minimum of 5 years prior to their application. [Sec. 104(f)(2) and (3)] That means that sites like Full Tilt and PokerStars would be excluded from the market for 2 years after the first license is issued. 

[EDITED TO ADD: Some seem to think that Sec. 104(f)(2)(B) might allow a site like Stars to sell itself to MGM and therefore become an applicant "owned or controlled by" a casino in operation for 5 years. On its face, that might be possible although I highly doubt it's what's intended.

The reason I doubt it -- Sec. 118(c)(2) is explicit that a license can't issue to any person that "purchased or acquired, directly or through an affiliate or intermediary, in whole or in significant part" any person who owned a U.S.-facing site prior to the Act. My only question about 118(c)(2) is if it's supposed to apply to ANY U.S.-facing site, or only those U.S.-facing sites that refuse to wind down as required under the "One bone..." paragraph described below.]

* The 15-month total blackout period on issuing *any* license still applies. [Sec. 118] No qualifying body can issue a license until 15 months after passage of the Act. That means that no operator could legally offer internet poker in the U.S. for those 15 months, and sites like Full Tilt and PokerStars would be shut out for 39 months.

* The U.S. player pool continues to have to be segregated from the rest of the world for at least 3 years after the first license is issued.

* One bone for Full Tilt and PokerStars: they would have 30 days to cease offering poker in the U.S. after passage of the Act, and 2 years to return all customer deposits. [Sec. 118(b)] The first version of the bill was much harsher, requiring immediate cessation of poker and 30 days to return deposits. Sites that are currently operating in the U.S. are required to comply with those provisions as a condition for eventual licensing.

["Paper sales" paragraph deleted and replaced by italics above!]

* There are now provisions at Sec. 104(k) to guide the determination of whether or not something is "internet poker" -- something that's rather key for legislation that seeks to limit online gambling to only internet poker. The determination is left to the qualified body that issued the license. So, for example, if Nevada issues a license to, Nevada would determine what constitutes "internet poker" in all states in which operates (presumably, all states that have opted in and those states which haven't opted out).

Could we see instances where certain games aren't offered in certain states? I'm thinking of the specific example of razz, which (as far as I know), is not an allowed game in New Jersey. If someone applied for a license from a state like that, would they not be allowed to offer certain games? Obviously operators would then favor making applications for a license from the state with the most comprehensive definition of "internet poker".

* It appears there is now the potential for a 5-year prison term, in addition to the $1,000,000 per-day penalty, for operating without a license. [Sec. 103(b), Sec. 104(m)(1)(D)] Those of you who thought that Full Tilt and PokerStars might remain in the States anyway (in the 15-month total blackout period) should think again. Not only that, but...

* A few changes to the licensing fee: first, it appears previous confusion in the definition of "internet poker receipts" has been cleared up. That term now means, essentially, the rake. The licensing fee is 20% of the rake.

More importantly, anyone who operates an internet poker facility WITHOUT a license is subject to a 50% "licensing fee". The bill is explicit that this fee in no way limits the liability of the operator under *any* other provision of the bill. So, if Stars or Tilt were to remain in the U.S., not only would they be subject to $1,000,000 per-day penalties and potentially 5 years in prison (for the executives), but they'd also have to pay 50% of the rake they received to the IRS.

My good buddy Shamus questions how this can be enforced if the sites, executives and servers are all located offshore. It's a good question. I'm not sure, but I suspect that, if a regulatory and licensing scheme were put into place, the US would exert some diplomatic pressure on places like England (Stars) and Ireland (Tilt) to bring those operators into line. In any event, Stars seems to pride itself on always operating within the law. Operating without a license would be expressly illegal under this bill.

* One aspect of the bill I didn't discuss during Round 1: to be automatically designated a "qualified body", for licensing purposes, a gaming regulatory board has to have been a gaming regulator for 5 years prior to enactment of the Act, and has to have been responsible for regulating at least 5% of total United States casino gaming revenue for at least 3 out of those 5 years. I don't know how gaming revenue breaks down nationwide but I would suspect this gives Nevada and New Jersey a leg up over the rest of the nation. 

The reason why that's important is because other state gaming boards that want to be able to issue licenses have to apply to the Commerce Secretary, but only after all the final regulations under the Act have been issued.

Not only that, but sites that were U.S.-facing prior to the Act could only apply for a license through the automatic qualified bodies -- i.e., Nevada and New Jersey. Would existing casinos apply pressure to NGC / NJCCC to shut out those formerly U.S.-facing operators...?

* The opt-in / opt-out provisions for states and tribes remain. [Sec. 108] They appear to be largely unchanged. States wishing to opt-in or opt-out have until December 31, 2011 to make that determination. After that, their status can be changed on 60 days notice to the Secretary of Commerce.

* The concept of "cheating" is greatly expanded in this version. Cheating in the first version was largely limited to the use of "cheating devices". In the new draft, there's an outright prohibition on "knowingly violating, attempting to violate, or assisting another in violating the rules of play established by the licensee for the purpose of obtaining prohibited or unfair advantage in any game authorized under this title". [Sec. 113(a)] The use of bots is also expressly prohibited in the new version. [Sec. 113(b)(2)] 

* Conviction under Sec. 113 for cheating entails two possible penalties: a permanent ban from playing internet poker, and a criminal penalty consisting of a fine and/or up to 2 years in prison.

That's all I've got for now but I'll continue to study this version of the bill and any new version that emerges. What does everyone else think?

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Best Month In A Long Time


November was awesome. I jokingly said in a post at the start of the month that I'd wish for a $10k month. Well I'm very fortunate in that it came and November turned out to be a +$17k month with a willhill tournament leader board points prize coming too. (Not sure why sharkscope says $20k, maybe I added wrong? - defo not complaining tho!)

I was putting a lot of volume in on the euro sites and had some really deep runs. I was playing a lot though, 6-7 days a week during this month. I tried to get in as much volume as possible, partly for a chance at doing well in the Will Hill iPoker leaderboard, but also as I won't be able to put much volume in in December. More of that to come!

So I shipped a few tournaments this past week which is where almost all of my monthly profit. Sick heater :)

I also was lucky enough to blag a win in a $50 6max, $50 turbo on iPoker and a small $20 freeze.

So now I'm back to being rolled for good games again. I'll play up to $100 freezeouts and $25r now and despite the volume this month I'm really looking forward to getting busy at the higher stakes and hopefully shipping big money! I think I'll stop grinding on OnGame and iPoker as much this month and just grind a selection on different sites. Being a bit nerdy, I'm also looking forward to planning my new schedule haha.

I'm just not looking forward to the imminent downswing...

Anyway, in a few hours I'm heading over to Birmingham airport (if it's open due to the snow!?) and will be flying out to Vienna for a long weekend. I'll be chilling with my mate who's going to uni there and then playing the BF Vienna tournament. It's only $350 buyin but is claimed to have a $100k gtd. I've not really looked much into the tournament, just booked a really cheap hotel and looking to have fun taking some time away from the computer and getting pissed.

After that I'll be back on Monday and will probably play a load of RCOOP tournaments on Stars. They are high buyins but I think I'll take a shot with a bit of action sold on the side. The structures look kind of ridiculously but THANKFULLY Stars have knocked back the times to make earlier starts in the tournament. I'm so glad that for instance the main event wasn't held at 9pm with a 2 hour late registration policy as was originally scheduled. I mean who could afford to play that tournament if they had work on Monday. Or in fact those that don't play their A-Game as well at 9am after a 16 hour session!

So that should be quite a fun series, I have no idea how tough/soft it will be. There are rumours of big overlay, so we shall see... I might not play the later part of the series if I don't think there's much value in them as I don't really want to deal with the variance of being outplayed by good people at that high of a buyin!

After that there's the £1000/£250k gtd at Dusk Til Dawn in Nottingham that I'm looking forward to playing. I'm in for about €400 in the satellites so far though. It would be nice to get in on the cheap, but I think I'll prob buyin regardless of how I do in the sats.

The following week will probably be chilled and I have my birthday that week too. I'll probably grind a bit online before finally heading back to the family home just before christmas. After christmas, I'll be on a trip to India! More about that later.

Run good all, have a great December!