Sunday, 21 June 2009



Quite a lot has happened since my last blog post a couple of days ago. And it's not all been too good!

Over the past two days at Dusk Til Dawn I've managed to lose quite a lot of money, something around the £1,000 mark which isn't too good really. I went on both Friday and Saturday night with the majority of the losses coming in on the Friday. No excuses here but, unaware as I was I was on pretty bad life tilt.

Unfortunately my girlfriend and I broke up on Thursday which pretty much put me off my game on Friday as my mind was on other things. I didn't feel like I was tilting, like I wasn't steaming but I was playing a really unfocused, impatient game. It was sort of a downward spiral as I'de be calling £15 raises with 73 suited from the blinds and the such with no implied odds and getting frustrated as I was inevitably losing money. By about 2am, I thought enough is enough, went out for a breath of fresh air, then thought fuck it I'm not playing well tonight, I'll head back, peel some bananas with my flatmate and just write the rest of the night off.

Today on the other hand is a different story. I returned to the club at about 8pm to start the tournament. Got pretty deep but then lost KK to A10 which wasn't too bad but still it would have given me a good stack to reach the FT with. I then proceded to just get bitch slapped in the face by the deck all night. It started on hold'em when I lost a £600 pot to a drunk when I had raised to £30 with AQo with a 3 callers (blinds were £1/£2/£4 with a few limpers). The flop comes A48 rainbow. I check to the drunk. He overshoves the ~£100 pot for about £250 with KJ. I snapcall him. The turn brings me two-pair (A48Q) and the river brings him the 10 for a straight. Nice hand sir.

With a few other smaller beats I had just about enough with NLHE cash for the day so hit up the £2/£2 Dealers Choice which allowed my inner gambler to be unleashed. Unfortunately this didn't go well either getting the money in ahead 3/3 times and loosing/my hand being counterfeited. The original £800 I withdrew on Wednesday night had now gone. I didn't feel tilted and was actually really impressed with how I was maintaining to play a patient analytical game so I decided to withdraw another £400 from the cash point.

I sat back down with the £200 and ran it to £250 before the table collapsed. Being the true degen I am, as there was either £1/£2 NLHE or the £5/£5 DC game going on, it didn't take much to persuade me to sit down with my remaining £250 to try and spin my way out of the red for the day. Without too much to say I did manage to double up in the half an hour left and leave the table with about £400ish hence cutting my losses slightly but not too much. I was really tight, especially OOP in the drawing games which seemed to pay off as I wasn't bleeding as many chips as I have in previous DC attempts.

Tomorrow, I'm going to wake up really late, get my stuff together and head to DTD for the £85 tournament. If any non-hold'em games start I'll play them until I get bored then drive back down south for the week. Let's see if I can have a sick heater tomorrow to pull this week back into the black!

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