Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Back down south


I'm back down south now that my exams have finished for a week or so, before heading up North again. I've got a few things to sort out including:

-Fixing my car
-Government Uni grants for next year
-Summer holiday plans

As well as the fun stuff like seeing my mates, heading to the beach and hopefully playing a lot of poker!

I've withdrawn quite a bit from my bankroll this last week to help pay for living expenses and as such I'm down to £8500 again. This is still on course for my yearly targets, and I really hope I can get some good grinding going to build this back up over £10,000 again. Ahh, that number felt so good! Then again I'll also be happy with some of the new clothes and eating out more that I can afford after this bankroll withdrawal!

Anyway, I plan on studying up more and more on PLO to beat the 25c/50c level. I've played 4000 hands so far and I'm down $520 which isn't the best of starts lol! I'm trying to really focus on improving my game optimistically rather than defend my plays as I think this is the best way to improve.

Tonight I'll be going to chris' house where myself, Marlow and Chris will get the MTT grind on. I'll play on party/boss/ipoker and OnGame up to $75 tournies and I expect those two will be grinding out the $11/45 man tournies on Full Tilt. Best of luck to us all!

I'll update later with how I get on!

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