Sunday, 31 May 2009

Monthly Summary

Ship it!

May was my biggest winning month by a long long way. I added over £6000 to my bankroll and withdrew a couple of £100 for expenses. After the down-swing at the start of the year this was a huge huge boost for my confidence levels and I'm well on my way to reaching my yearly target of £15,000 bankroll again. The majority of this came from Omaha and I won roughly £1000 net in tournaments.

I think the main thing now that I have to do is keep it cool and stick to good bankroll management. In a way I'm quite glad that I'm not old enough to go to Vegas this summer as I would undoubtably have a shot at the WSOP and some other events that I couldn't afford.

I've 2 exams to go and finish on Thursday. I will be playing the £330 in a weeks time as a treat, but this will be the only exception to my otherwise rigorous BR management. Besides, the entry is only 3% and I can't wait to try another deep stacked live tourney after reading up about the WSOP so much lately!

Other than that I'll be getting my grind on and really start to work on my game and eradicate some of my leaks so that when I do start to take shots at higher limits I don't get too run over.

Hope everyone else had a good month!

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