Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Sleep pattern is so messed up...Degen Tales..


After trying to get myself out of a nocturnal habit, it somehow backfired and I found myself wide-awake at 3:30am this morning ready to start the day. With little else to do I sat down and started the grind with little success. I busted out of a lot of tournies quite early but did get deep in a couple: the turbo fifty $55 on full tilt coming in at around 30th and the 7am $33/$10k gtd on stars coming 12/840. Woops... I guess you can't always win those big flips on the FT bubble. However, I already know all about this from February and March of this year!

So stranglely enough, the tournament grind finished at around 11am this morning, and I headed out to town with two mates to do some shopping, chilling and generally be degenerates.

The sun was in full force and it was a great day. After picking up a couple of Ralph Lauren Polo shirt's we headed out for a late lunch at Wagamama's. Can't ever go wrong there, fusion oriental food really can't be beaten. Myself and Marlow were interested to seeing the local Gala Casino's tournament schedule. I saw that they have a £50 with 1 rebuy, 1 addon on Friday night's which I may be interested in. I know that the cash games down there are almost non-existent, so if I'm not going to have DTD nearby this will be my only fix for live poker in the forthcoming couple of months!

Inevitably this led to some spunking of money on the old blackjack tables. I let my friend play with some of my money on the perfect pair side-game (whereby if you get dealt a pair you receive like 5-1 or some other really shit odds) as he couldn't afford to play the games himself. Well cheers Sam but you run worse than my Grandma with a broken leg! I was playing two boxes on blackjack and he was choosing which box to put the perfect pair wager on and got the wrong one for like £60 a time at least 3 times! Haha oh well!

After losing some degening it up, we all felt like we had a little gamble left inside to unleash so we grabbed ice creams in Bournemouth park and headed straight to the crazy golf games with side-bets on each hole to spice things up a little. Despite a poor start I only ended up £1.50 down which was quite a victory.

With that not being enough, we headed to the beach and found ourselves in the kiddy amusement arcade playing weird 10p games and some 50p basketball which after about 10 minutes play I managed to win 5p in tokens! Ship the 1p sweets!

Overall a good day, but it's getting on to 7pm now and rather than just waking up, I'm feeling really tired. Weird, I know!

GL at the tables all!

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  1. gotta love the messed up sleep patterns. I'm going at a 3pm wake up and 6am go to sleep time to try and maximise returns on the poker. Committment i know! Could be addiction though, fine line i guess!