Sunday, 14 June 2009

Two Final Tables - Two Wins!


Tonight I decided to go back to my roots and load up a selection of tournaments on the Boss/Party and iPoker networks.

I managed to luckily get some really deep runs in a few tournaments including the €27/€4000gtd on Boss and the $22/$5000 gtd on iPoker. I had my usual set up of 15inch laptop connected to my 20inch external monitor. But wow was it messy tonight. At one point I was 13 tabling which on some sites like full tilt/stars is no hassle whatsoever. But on iPoker/Boss/Party, they don't like to make it too easy for ya! It was pretty manic most of the night trying not to time out on too many tables lol. I should either invest in another monitor or load less tournies next time as it was quite stressful to say the least!

Despite all this I did manage to get to those beloved final tables. The €27/€4000 on Boss (DTD Poker) is a really interesting tournament as there are 161 entrants but only 10 players get paid. This results in a really long bubble, which as you can see from the screen-shot I abused quite happily. That and winning a massive pot vs the other chip leader of-course! Hey, I never said you didn't need to run good to win these things!

So as I was the chip leader by quite a way, I kept the pressure on and managed to secure the win! Ship it!

Other than that, I had 2 other tournaments left. The $55 on iPoker which I ft bubbled and the $22/$5000!

After a very swingy final table, I was left three way with a nit and a maniac bluffer. I figured that all I had to do was catch the bluffer doing what he does best and then slowly blind down the nit and put pressure on him. I managed to flop top two pair after about 5-10 minutes of backward and forward chip lending which then resulted in my opponent 3betting me all in with ace high. Must be nice indeed..Yes, yes it is.

I'm loving tournaments so much right now and I just hope this heater lasts all summer!

Tomorrow I'll be playing on stars/full tilt exclusively to see if I can rack up a decent score in one of their huge tournaments. I'll update as it goes! Cheers


  1. Wow, this is absolutely unreal. Amazing job. However, I've got a bit of a debate going on myself. I've always loved MTT-s as well and just recently had several deep runs and Final Tables in fairly high buy-in MTT-s.

    However, what stops me from playing tournaments full time rather than cash games is the fact that because of the nature and structure of MTT-s you will often be stuck playing for 12+ hours straight which doesn't fit my preferred/dream lifestyle at all.

    I've always been wondering how the full time tourney players cope with that. I'd love to read thoughts and feelings on that topic.

  2. Hey Johnny,

    I've added your blog to my list now. It's a nice read :).

    I can't agree with you more about the downside to MTT's and the time commitment involved. At the moment I'm in my summer holidays at uni, and it's not problem to dedicate evening after evening to grind out the tournaments. But as I will be going back to uni in the third year I don't think I can dedicate a whole evening just to grind out tournaments due to social/work obligations.

    As such, I'm trying to learn PLO cash in the meanwhile as it interests me a lot more than NLHE cash.

    I'll do a longer, more in-depth blog post in the upcoming weeks about the problems of MTT's and the possible solutions. But I do agree, just grinding MTT's can be a complete slog and the variance can be sickening!