Monday, 28 March 2011

A pretty decent week with a few small binks

Progress on the bankroll front!

I've started adding in the OnGame $50r and having success with it already cashing twice this week. I'm yet to get a final table on it despite the two deep runs but I hope it's only just round the corner. My best score of the week came in a second place in a €30 rebuy for €3.3k. I also managed to win the following 4 tournaments:

So a really good week :). I played pretty much every day and put in a lot of work outside of poker in the gym, eating healthily and working on my game so I feel pretty pleased with the progress.

This Sunday was probably my biggest Sunday ever. My rolls hovering about $40k at the moment so I'm taking shots at the majors on my own. Today the total buy-ins were just over $5k in the end. GULP. I lost a bit of money on the day but it was much closer thanks to a proper Sunday saver binking 4th in a $16 hyper for just over $2k :)

I didn't really have any deep runs in majors this week other than a 19th in a €150/€35k gtd and a 14th in iPoker $109/$25k gtd. I did though manage to FT a small €50r but crashed out in 4th. Still not bad!

Anyway, it's another no-lifer week of grinding coming up. Should be pretty fun as I'm really enjoying playing a higher stake schedule these days due to my increased roll. There is some serious money on the tables every night and to tell you the truth, it's quite exciting! This coming weekend I'll be playing the monthly DTD £330 deepstack and looking for a deep run. It would be nice to finally cash in that tournament anyway!

Until later, gl guys!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Success at the UKIPT!


I finally managed to cash in a live tournament after again another very dry stint! I managed to get 27th in the 4-day UKIPT Manchester tournament making a solid deep-run into the third day before losing my only flip of the whole tournament A8s beaten by the deuces. A bit anti-climatic, but with £1450 in my pocket from the £500 buy-in and a bucket-load of confidence I now cannot actually wait for Vegas.

In fact, I'm so stoked with this deep run I've actually planned a few other live tournaments that I'd like to play prior to my Vegas trip. So so stoked I've even pretty much planned my entire live schedule over Vegas. It will include lot's of $300 and $500 venetian NLHE tournaments, a few WSOP shots at their $1ks and $1.5ks and some random $200 8-game comps and 6-max omaha hi/lo at binions/golden nugget just for fun. This could very well be an expensive Summer coming up.

The OnGame GSOP is now over. I didn't do too great in the series cashing in just one of the $200 freezeouts and the $100r. Then again, due to playing in Manchester I didn't manage to get too much volume in nearer the end of the series. I almost played the $500/$300k gtd whilst staying in Manchester borrowing a friend, Neil's, laptop for the evening. Thank god someone in the hotel had already registered for it as Neil's laptop turned out to be the biggest pile of shit ever and would have not had a chance trying to load the stodgy ongame software. In fact it couldn't even handle full tilt. Somehow I managed to final table the $50 rush turbo thingy they have on Sundays with $7k up top. Neil's laptop obv crashed again when I was 5/7 and after 10 minutes trying to reboot the damn thing I realised I had blinded out. In 4th place though! No idea what the others guys at the final table must have been doing but it had to involve some epic ICM-spew given I was sat out! To be honest, I'm not sure if that's even a beat or a brag.

Other than that I've won a small €50 turbo this week for €1.1k and had a bunch of 2nd-5ths which has got to be a good thing! I mean it would have been nicer to close, especially on Sunday when the top prizes are often higher, but I cannot complain. I just ticked off another winning Sunday coming 4th in the $75 freezeout for $3.3k. From last year pretty much not having a single winning Sunday, this year is starting out pretty damn well in terms of Sunday performance. Still no huge Sunday bink but it has to only be a matter of time!

Onto this coming week. Well after playing an absurd amount of weekend poker I pretty much slept in all of Monday and just chilling with friends today and tonight. I'll be grinding my pants off for the rest of the week as my online volume this month has slacked a bit and I'm thus far pretty behind on my projected monthly buyins. Also my fitness/diet has sucked since Manchester so definitely getting back on that hard for the rest of the week.

GL at the tables everyone, I'll update with any big scores that I get or deep runs after next Sundays grind!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Crazy Sunday Grinding and a Small Brag!


I have just finished quite possibly my longest ever session of online poker before. I started registering tournaments at 1pm and finished registering at 1:30am with some turbos eventually playing my last hand at around 4am. To be honest, I have no idea how I'm even remotely capable of writing this message as I feel truly knackered. But that's some dedication to the blog isn't it!

Anyway, I am extremely happy as I have now reached the 6-figure club on Sharkscope! I don't follow the statistics too religiously as they tend to be a little inaccurate and have missed out a lot of the tournaments I used to play back in the day on networks like crypto etc. But after today Sharkscope officially has me up over $100k lifetime on my main sites :D

Back to the results of tonight. Well, it was quite a fun night in the end. I got deep in quite a few tournaments including a 2nd in a $15 hyper-turbo on Full Tilt for $2.6k, 4th in a $100 6max turbo for $2k and 3rd in the Everest $100/$50k gtd for $5.3k. Coincidently I also managed to final table this a few weeks ago coming in 3rd then as well. I think I need lessons on closing tbh..

Anyhow, profitable Sundays are always nice and a bit of a rarity so I'm enjoying every moment.

This past weekend I played the dtd £300 deepstack which was rather uneventful and another live tournament to add to the ever-growing list of live-bricks. It will come one day, it will come one day, it will come one day.... ;)

Maybe even next weekend in fact? I managed to blag myself a seat to the UKIPT Manchester in one of those gamble-fest £5 3x-turbo rebuys on Stars which I always seem to end up in for like £60 in. Anyway I got the seat and after the banter at the last stop of the UKIPT in Nottingham I'm pretty much looking forward to the social side as much as the event itself. There's something about the UKIPT I can't put my fingers on. It just seems to generate some hype and I just generally enjoy and look forward to the buzz surrounding the event.

Anyway, I'm extremely tired now and hope some of the above is remotely readable. GL at the tables guys..

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

February Review, Onto March!


After a slow start, February turned out to be a great month for me. I didn't actually bink any tournaments but got short-handed in a few including a 3rd in the Everest $100/$50k gtd on Sunday for $5k and a 4th in a stars €100/€40k gtd for €3.8k too. Both definitely helped to boost the roll.

Onto this month and a lot could happen!

The OnGame GSOP series has just started and I plan on putting in a pretty much full schedule on this in all of the NLH games. So far there's been a $200, $150 and $100r. Being the luckbox that I am I managed a solid deep run in the $100r cashing for around $1k. Let's hope it's not my last deep run of the series!

Mini-FTOPs is making an appearance starting next week. I can never expect much with these mahhoooosive fields but I don't mind playing the big-field low-buyins especially some of the mixed game tournaments that are really soft and a lot of fun. Who knows, I may even go on a sick run and have my own little silver FTP jersey this time next month.

And after that the Pokerstars SCOOP (Spring Cup Of Online Poker) will be heading our way.

A lot going on online. Other than possibly UKIPT Manchester and DTD £300 deepstack which I'm umming and arring about at the moment I don't think I'll be playing any live this month. What I will be doing though is putting a ton of volume in online. I plan to keep playing the stakes I'm playing as I seem to be doing pretty well at them at the moment and aim for around $40,000 worth of MTT buyins this month. It's a tough task but I'd like to give it a go. What I won't be doing is what I did at the start of this month and start playing too many tables which resulted in me making suboptimal decisions. The results are pretty evidential in the graph above I do believe.

So anyway, that's my plan for March. It won't be the most exciting month of the year, but it has the potential to be a biggy.

GL folks..