Friday, 12 June 2009

PLO Success / PLO Failure


Despite my continued failings at 25c/50c PLO I seem to do better with the tournies!

This afternoon I went around to Marlow's house to pull of quite an epic poker marathon. I started with the intention of getting some really good volume in at the PLO tables, but yet again after 2 tabling and getting good reads on my opponents, really thinking through the various options in the two hands. I'm still yet to pull a profit. In fact today I was down several buy-ins. But I will keep at it. I've been watching a lot of the hands that are going on after I've folded trying to put people on hand ranges etc. and I'm still shocked by the quality of some peoples play, but still I can't seem to beat the game.

I have the intention of investing in a PLO coach starting from the 22nd of this month. I've never had a poker-coach before partly due to having a small bankroll and not being able to afford one but also for the fact that I like figuring things out for myself. Nevertheless, although I am over-rolled for these $0.25/$0.50 games, I still really don't like loosing and often feel mid-hand that I'm pretty lost for what to do. So I'm going to swallow my pride on this one and see if a coach can help me out. Before then though, I'm going to try to play a few hundred hands a day of solid poker and clue myself up with as many PLO videos as I can find.

After the disheartening start to the marathon session. By about 7pm I thought fuck it, I'll load up some tournies. That's something that I feel I know what I'm doing at least.

I only had my 15inch screen laptop with me which made playing on iPoker/Boss/OnGame impossible. I unhappily reloaded my full tilt account and topped up my poker stars account and went mental registering for everything from 7pm - 12pm in the $5rebuy-$30rebuy // $8 freezeout - $75 freezeout range. And I'm not going to lie. It was really good fun to play on decent software again with good structures and guarantees. It really is such a shame that the fields are on the whole jinormous leading to sick variance, and the player pool on the whole is significantly better than the European counter-parts.

My main success as documented is the 2nd place finish in a $24 PLO freezeout and a couple of top 100 finishes in small rebuy tournaments.

So it was about 3am when I was down to my last couple of tables. Me and Marlow were chilling in his living room literally in paranoia of making too much noise clicking the mouse so as to wake his parents up. Regardless of how much we tried and literally didn't even whisper, his Dad angrily stormed into the living room ordering us to leave and in polite terms "shut the fuck up". Woops. Despite keeping really quiet I do feel bad for giving his dad some hassle as he shouldn't really expect to have guests of his son staying until 3am. But then I was stuck in a bit of a situation. I was deep in a couple of tournies. Woops.

The main being a $5rebuy on full tilt with about 65 players left. Oh shit. So I jumped into my car and put the pedal to the metal in a serious way so as to not be too blinded out by the time I got home. The usual 15 minute journey only lasted around 9 minutes, but that still dented my chip stack from around 88,000 to 46,000. Woops. As soon as I sat back in I was dealt AKss in the SB with my remaining 23bb's. It folded around to the CO who opened and I reshoved. He woke up with AA's. GG me!

Look's like I was never destined to final table that tournament!

Tomorrow I'm up quite early going indoor paintballing, and then, weather permitting a BBQ on the beach in the evening. It should be a fun day. Hope all is good! Gl on the felt.

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