Monday, 3 August 2009

Emotional Rollercoaster -$15k day!


Not been blogging a lot lately. I finalised with my ex that we aren't ever going to be getting back together but will most likely stay really good friends. But I don't know how that will be. I mean can you really go from sleeping with someone every night for over a year and having lots of fun in the bedroom to just keeping it non-sexual without awkwardness? I've had a few girlfriends in the past and unfortunately I'm not really in contact with a lot of them now despite being v close to them at the time. Then again I don't think I've ever really loved anyone other than my most recent Ex. But times do change...

..So anyway I was pretty depressed after the break-up over the past couple of weeks which has resulted in me playing pretty terrible poker to say the least. What comes with terrible poker comes downswings and the good start to July ended up on a pretty big low after my massive month of June. I also started questioning a lot of things like if I really do want to play poker a lot in the future and what I should put my priorities at. I mean, it does seem that playing poker at home especially is very unsocial. You don't really get to meet new people and I'm not really a massive fan of meeting up with drunk girls in clubs anyway no matter how easy they are. It's always been a bit of a turn-off when she's vomiting whilst giving head I guess ;) But I guess that depends. As at the moment I'm staying in my parents house non-term time which would be very different than staying in a grind house with a few other mates. The seeing girls is still a major issue though. Not sure how many online MTTers are meeting many girls and in what sort of situations if they are that they are meeting them.

Anyway, to put my mind off my emo relationship problems, I went to sonosphere to bash some goths and emos up to some heavy metal \o/ Not going to lie, but I've never seen such a freak fest but it was such an awesome day. We really went to see Linkin Park who were headlining but I was most impressed with Skindred and Bullet for My Valentine. Both are these are pretty heavy and the crowds were mental. Obviously me and my mates after a few ciders and beers headed straight to the front and got involved straight away in the mosh pit. And it was mental, there must have been over 100 people moshing at some points. We did everything, including circle of death (everyone runs around pushing in a massive circle then when the music gets heavy bundle into the middle and just go mental - no idea why they allow this, one person falls over and so do the 20 behind them - great fun nonetheless!). Another one of my favourites is when the bands ordered the crowd to divide, then as the music builds up and goes crazy everyone charges towards each other. One of my mates got completely crushed in the middle it was so good. I can guarantee some of my ancestors were viking barbarians :). Somehow due to me being nocturnal I only managed to get to sleep at 5:30am and having to leave at 7am, so after the Skindreds mayhem I fell asleep with a pint of cider on the grass to some heavy metal band for an hour. Kept me

So after coming home at 3am totally battered and bruised, covered in sweat (most probably not mine) I had the first bath I probably have had in over a year then fell into some sort of coma for 14 hours recovering. I also woke up discovering my phone had literally been crushed. Probably when I was being crushed at the bottom of a pile of people some time during the previous day so had little to know contact to people on the outside other than the internet. Meh it was worth it, and probably good so I don't think about texting my EX lol.

Well anyway I played a few games, watched Waynes World (pretty funny) then thought I'll play a small session on stars/full tilt as I've got to help out for this bloody tournament leaderboard I paid $130 to enter and have yet to even register a score. I didn't register for anything above $75, leaving the Sunday Million and other tournies as I still wasn't feeling too pumped about playing. Well I guess in a way of cheering me up I managed to chop the $75/$22.5k gtd on full tilt for $15k!

That's right $15k! This smashed my previous best score by like 4 times and my first 5 figure day! So happy :D The tournament was really pretty tough as was 4 handed play featuring Adam Junglen and Rivermanl (whatariver1 on full tilt - rank 2 in UK and $25/$50 player). I kept up the aggression and managed to win the right flips at the right times. I came back from 500k to 1,500k in headsup but there was $9k on the line and I didn't want to flip for that much besides the fact my opponent was a winning high stake reg when I OPR'd him. So I was quite happy to do a deal.

So I guess this could be the motivation needed to get me grinding away online again! Maybe I can get another couple of scores so that $130 I spent in the TLB contest isn't wasted. After all the whole reason for the TLB is to get motivation to grind and thats the last thing I've been doing the past week!

GL at the felt all


  1. great score , i am very jealous . onwards and upwards . dont let that momentum slip . gl

  2. What a great Score GG WP and enjoy it.

  3. fkin wicked mate, gr8 result. Regarding bird stuff i've always broke up with prev birds on gd terms and most of the time i end up rumping em again and have stupid little arguements. Its almost imposs to be in a realtionship and then stay friends imo

  4. Man, how I could blow that money.... It would seriously be burning a hole in my pocket ;-) congrats !


  5. Cheers for the comments guys :)

  6. MBN! Well done mate!