Monday, 17 August 2009



Not much success last night. I started the session later than I intended due to staying at my friends house and having a BBQ with their family which I felt would be pretty rude if I was excused early to go grind poker online lol! Don't think they would have quite understood despite it being Sunday! Fish imo.. ;)

So I registered from about 8pm-11pm for a shortish session with no big scores. Similarly to last Sunday I managed to get pretty deep in the $55/$200k gtd on stars but busted for about $250 before the money got serious as well as min-cashing in both the $109/$30k gtd and $30r on iPoker. I was pretty aggro on both near the bubble and managed to lose two huge flips on the bubble meaning I basically had to fold into the money with my 5bb stack and work from there. I got in the money on both but couldn't get my stack going again to reach the final table.

Nevertheless, tonight is the night though I think! Going to be playing the euro tournies (not ongame at the moment as I busted my roll there last night - woops) and waiting for some money from full tilt so I can redeposit again! I'll play the €55r on Boss and various other tournaments on iPoker, Boss and Ladbrokes. Hope I ft something, not had a deep finish in a while, although I guess my volume this month hasn't been too great anyway!

Will post updates later/tomorrow! GL All


  1. wat time is that 55r on boss and how many runners on av?

  2. 8pm with between 150-250 runners I think m8.