Monday, 10 August 2009


Well last nights session didn't go too well unfortunately! But that can't be helped too much I guess. I made a few deep runs being top 100 from fields of over 1000, but unfortunately couldn't quite reach the final tables were all the big money is at. I cashed for over $1k thanks mainly to a deep run in the $55/$200k gtd on stars and the sunday million but other than that it was pretty uneventful. I feel that in some situations I was getting my money in a bit too light and quite possibly overestimating peoples ranges.

The TLB contest came to a slight anti-climax. P3rc4, rmthawk64 and mement_mori (all very very sick players) stole the show with p3rc4 seeming to not only final table but win a massive tournament almost every night of this week! Not bad for a last minute heater. Our team didn't do too badly, but some of the other teams had some very good players that had very sick results. I was surprised shaundeeb didn't dominate as much as he did last year, but in these 1k+ tournaments with super high variance you really do need to run good to get to that final table.

Anyway! Back on track. Another day another dollar.

Tonight I'll head back to the lower variance euro-land to get the grind back on and hopefully win me some money!

Here's the schedule I shall be playing tonight:

7:00pm: $108/$15k gtd (Ongame)
7:30pm: $22r/$19.5k gtd (Full Tilt)
7:30pm: €25r/€20k gtd (Prima)

8:00pm: €50r/€25k gtd (Boss)
8:30pm: $10r/$25k gtd (iPoker)
8:30pm: $55/$20k gtd (Full Tilt)

9:00pm: $75/$22.5k gtd (Full Tilt)
9:00pm: $108/$7.5k gtd (OnGame)
9:25pm: $109/$12.5k gtd (iPoker)
9:45pm: $33r/$20k gtd (iPoker)

10:00pm: €10r/€7.5k gtd (Boss)
10:00pm: €20r/€10k gtd (Prima)
10:25pm: $55/$7.5k gtd (iPoker)

11:00pm: €55/€3.5k gtd (Boss)
11:00pm: $55/$8k gtd (OnGame)
11:00pm: €22r/€7.5k gtd (Prima)

I'll play this for a little while and see how I find it. I am tempted to put in the $163 nightly on full tilt in the mix as well as the $129 which both have a bit of dead money, but are still very tough tournaments. I think the $163 early nightly with $50k gtd is a nice tournament with a great prize pool, but for the meanwhile until my bankroll grows a little larger I'm going to give it a miss. The play standard is very high on that and I think I can find value elsewhere. Similarly, although I did final table the $129 on full tilt last week, the standard of play is very high with a good % of the players being regulars meaning less people spewing off chips. I may chop and change and add them in at a later date, but at the moment I think this is enough tournaments to get by on quite happily.

I'll also be playing one of the stars extreme WCOOP satellite later on to see if I can ship myself another seat for the tournament series in September. I don't know if I mentioned it at an earlier stage, but I did manage to win a $1k seat so obviously that tournament is going to be absolutely huge, and hope I run good in it in September!

From a friends recommendation I've added in the €55r on boss. Using a 5-unit buyin (€250 average) I am still under-rolled but my average buyin is well under 0.5% of my bankroll and so once a night shouldn't put too much strain on my funds.

In non-poker news, I have just finished reading a book called "The White Tiger" by Aravind Adiga. It is such an amazing read and I'de really recommend it. Without ruining the story, it's about an Indian boy growing up in rural India into a poor family and his constant struggle to get out of poverty and break the cycle. It's a really well written book, really insightful and some great humour mixed in. Probably the best book I've read.

I also heard this song the other day on youtube as recommended by a friend. If hip hops your thing, check this out:

Hope all is good! Ciao!


  1. u seem to be doin well for yourself recently mate, fair fkin play. just wondering how much on av u invest in buyin to mtts a night and wat sort of roll u need?

  2. I use a 200 buy-in rule, so 0.5% max per MTT basically. This means to play a $109 I'de need a bankroll of like $22,000.

    Most of the time I play with everything under 200 buy-ins so that I can take occasional shots at other tournaments like the €55rebuy on Boss or the Sunday Million, FTOPS events as then my average buy-in is still less than 0.5% of my roll.

    Per night I used to invest up to 10% of my roll before I changed to 200 buy-in rule but now it's more like 3-7% I expect and moving up and down the stakes as the bankroll fluctuates.