Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Getting Deep Runs in Some Tournies


I'm continuing to have grind on the mind so getting in some pretty nice volume. Sunday was pretty bad to say the least. I started to build some nice stacks in most of the majors I played but ended up getting fucked all over the place only cashing in the Sunday Brawl for around $1k including bounties. Early on in the tournament I managed to knock out one of their team pro's, Luis Veldar 7th or something like that. I kind of cold decked him AA vs QQ so that was a nice start! And another t-shirt coming my way!

Full Tilt has been kind to me as of late. I played a number of tournaments there tonight most notably:

This $20rebuy. It was a really nice tournament as due to the 6-max nature people spew a lot harder than full ring and hence you are really deep stacked. For instance on the final table I came in as the short stack with 50bb's lol! So there was a lot of play. I made a big resqueeze with 66 and this guy who flatted behind made the goofiest call in history. The flop came akq and he donk led full pot, gg most of my stack after I have to fold lol!

I also got very close in the ladbrokes nightly (€25r) and final table bubbled it for about €250-€300ish. I was 6/12 at the time and made a bad squeeze which I regret doing it now. Mp opened 2.5x and got a caller who had been flatting a ton. I reshoved 30bb with A10 and Mp woke up with AK. Gg my stack. This might be results orientated sure, but I didn't have a read on MP guy. He could have been some sick nit that only played the nizzles, also A10 when it gets called is often in terrible shape, it would be better to do this with 910 than A10. You live and learn and hopefully spew less..

Somehow I also managed to cash in both late nightlies on Stars and Full Tilt which was nice, but no final tables here. Nevertheless it's a nice thing to cash in the most expensive buyins of the night!

So generally a good night. Probably due to the fact that one of my mates, Marlow, came round to play some tournies too and I seem to be more sensible and less spewy when a friend is here too. Prob some degen gambler inside me doesn't want the world to see me in my true spewfull form, I dno :). But literally as soon as he left, I busted about 4/6 tournaments I had up at the time lol! Might have to pay him to stay around longer next time. We did order kebabs for a late night snack which has to be +ev food. Although again, not sure I want to make a habit of that, as sitting on my ass for 10 hours+ a night and eating that isn't going to work out too well for my health! Gym tomorrow morning first priority I think ;).

Oh I also played that €10r sat on DTD to the £330 monthly deepstack and shipped the seat first time, so looks like I'm heading up to Nottingham next week! About time for a decent live score, so I'll keep you all updated!

Hope all is good! glgl

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  1. Best of luck in Notts. Looking forward to reading about some ownage there!