Friday, 21 August 2009

Feeling Like Helmouth!


I've played quite a lot this week but nothing has really been going right at all! And that's probably an understatement. Not sure how many top 20 finishes I've had losing as a favourite, but I'm just lucky I don't have quite a short a temper as Hellmuth otherwise gg my laptop! This about sums up the week lol. With 24 left for chip leader. I mean christ, I'm not even sure you could even play his hand any worse than he did then. Gahh frustrationnnn! Guess that's what these MTT's are all about then ;)

I think I'll have to move down stakes a little due to this week not going quite as intended, play less $30r and $165 freezeouts outside of Sundays.

On a more positive note the weather has changed for the better the past couple of days which has meant lots of time spent chilling on the beach and messing about outside which has been really nice. Hope I come out of this mini downswong soon and FT something big!

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