Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The late shift


After my recent bankroll boost, I'm going to be starting to take a few more shots at larger online tournaments. And today will be the start. I'll be playing the $216/$1million gtd FTOPS event 1. For those not in the know, FTOPS is the tournament series held on Full Tilt Poker which boasts a series of high buy-ins and a bunch of crazy guarantees. If there is a time to run good online, it is during this festival or the pokerstars equivalent.

At the moment I'm still slightly under-rolled for $200 games, so will probably try to satellite in on the cheap but probably buy-in anyway and for tournaments with higher buy-ins like $500 main event I'll try my best to win a satellite in.

Last night I was back on the grind and enjoying it again. The mojo may be back :). Although I didn't have much success, apart from going on a heater in a $55 hyper turbo coming 40/803 :P it was still good fun. These hyper-turbos are always fun at the end of the sessions. I normally register from 7pm-11pm and so the full tilt $59 hyper-turbo starts at 11:40 is pretty nice finish as my tables are by now decreasing at a rapid rate. You get 300 chips with a 3 minute clock and the blinds starting at 15/30. So as you can imagine it's a pretty good end to the night just shoving every hand and sucking out. That coupled with the $10 knock-out bounty and its happy days alround. Well, I managed to go on a pretty sick heater to start with and managed to turn my 300 chips into over 10,000! But then variance caught up with me resulting in me losing 4/4 flips in the money. I can't complain, flipping is the name of the game!

So today, I'm heading to the gym with some mates to do play some squash, go for a swim probably come back play some ps3 then prepare myself for tonight. Bring it on!

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