Sunday, 16 August 2009

Haggis, Neeps and Tats


I've had a few days off since Tuesday when I got a flight up to (not-so-sunny) Edinburgh to visit family and go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. For those that don't know, the Fringe festival is this amazing event held every Summer in Edinburgh with literally thousands upon thousands of performances, shows and music to listen to whilst getting extremely pissed in the process.

The highlights for me have to be the Tao Japanese drummers. The show was unreal. Visually it was stunning and the music they were making was really nice, accompanied by flutes. I know the prospect of listening to some Asians bang on drums for an hour doesn't sound too appealing, but you have to trust me when I say that this show is on another level. The crowd was loving it throughout and there was a standing ovation at the end of their set. Really one to recommend here.

Other than that, I also saw several free and costly comedy acts including sketch shows, improvised comedy and some good old stand-up which was quite literally a barrel of laughs. (^o^) Other than the shows, a lot of time was spent in various pubs and restaurants throughout the town catching up with relatives and old family friends that I hadn't seen in a while. So that was certainly a nice break!

But after any good break, I'm now eager and pumped to play poker once again. That fire inside of me is fully burning and I can't wait to play the tournaments tonight. It's the end of the FTOPS series on Full Tilt and I would love to play the main event ($535) but considering that is way outside of my bankroll at the moment, I'm going to attempt to satellite into it.

Unfortunately, there has been a slight mix-up as my Mum seems to have kindly given my room away for guests getting the dates mixed up when I was coming back from Scotland, so I am in fact homeless for the next few days. That's not too good news if I want to grind it out online (or sleep for that matter). Luckily enough, a good friend, Chris, who is also a complete poker fanatic, has offered me a floor in his house so it should be a fun couple of days where I'll hopefully get a ton of volume in! I can't wait!

GL at the felt y'all!

Oh, and if you need cheering up and want a good laugh check this out (wouldn't recommend it if your French though!) Some of the responses are hilarious!

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