Sunday, 9 August 2009

The Final Slog


Tonight is the last night of the 2 week TLB contest. Despite not really playing for the first week, I'm lucky to have had quite an active time and from what I gather we are only 2000 points behind the leaders which isn't too much at all.

The way the contest works is that playing on full tilt and pokerstars, whenever you go deep in a tournament, you get given "tournament leaderboard points". The greater the number of runners and the higher the buyin the more points you are likely to get. You can work out the points here as well as the fact that pokerstars emails you the points you get when you cash every night. I've had some mixed results, but a few good cashed and 2 noteworthy final tables to contribute to my teams score.

So tonight is the final push, if our team of 5 grinders, (consisting of myself, Kennl, Everton Yorkie, Spoonfox, Swede554, Mc4chess and DeuceSeven) run good we can easily nail the series and win lots of $ in the side bets involved. Let's do this!

So here is my schedule for tonight:

5:45pm: $215/$750k gtd (Sunday Warmup)
6:00pm: $22/$5k gtd
6:00pm: $109/$40k gtd
6:00pm: $75/$18.5k gtd
7:00pm: $27/$320 satellite
7:00pm: $256/$750k gtd (FTOPs Event 8)
7:00pm: $10/$30k gtd
7:15pm: $3r/$50k gtd
7:15pm: $22r/$20k gtd
7:30pm: $22r/$530 satellite
8:00pm: $150/$50k gtd
8:00pm: $55/$80k gtd
8:30pm: $11/$250k gtd (Sunday 1/4 million)
8:30pm: $22r/$19.5k gtd
9:00pm: $82/$530 satellite
9:00pm: $75/$22.5k gtd
9:00pm: $11r/$60k gtd
9:20pm: $22/$200k gtd (Double Deuce)
9:30pm: $33r/$19.5k gtd
9:30pm: $250/$1,500,000 gtd (Sunday Million)
10:00pm: $55/$75k gtd
11:00pm: $322/$1.5million gtd (FTOPS event 10)
11:00pm: $5r/$40k gtd
11:15pm: $33r/$8k gtd
12:00pm: $75/$40k gtd
12:00pm: $109/$80k gtd
12:15pm: $11r/$10k gtd
12:30pm: $20r/$12.5k gtd

Total Buy-ins come to around $2.6k. FML lol! Can I use my one-time here? I'll update later in a new blog entry with how I do and if I make any deep runs!

GL everyone.


  1. I guess you're now a millionaire right?

  2. Haha, now that would be nice, but far from the reality :)