Sunday, 23 August 2009

The Secret To Reaching Big Final Tables


After being on a bit of a sour run as of late, I decided that the only way I am going to reach one of those beautiful final tables is if I really hardcore it and put in some good volume to try and even out the variance. So keeping to 6 tables, that is exactly what I did. Registering from 7pm to 2:30am the sessions are a lot longer (normally 12 hours) but it's paying off!

I've made some nice final tables the past couple of days including 4th in Stars $20 rebuy, 5th in full tilt $109/$80k gtd for just over $5k and some other smaller ones on euro sites!

I figure I might as well hardcore it now while I don't really have any commitments and the times I'm not seeing friends I can just grind online and build a healthy bankroll. Plus the fact I'm really into grinding it out at the moment and looking forward to my next session. I'm going on holiday in 2-3 weeks so wouldn't mind getting some good volume in there and then relaxing on a beach spending $$$ as a reward. Would be nice!

So I've just finished this final table. As opposed to the $20r I came 4th in two days a go I don't think I played as well in the final 3 tables. I was aggressive but chose the wrong spots and bled a lot in non-showdown pots. Almost every 3b was 4b and I see this as being an increasing trend at higher stakes. So I think I'll have to start making the necessary adjustments. 3b's still work super effective on the euro networks vs the right players though. I came in the final table as 8/9 so that was a nice result, but lost a 30bb pot in the end with a9 beat by q 10. Not sure why but isn't it always the case at these big final tables theres always some massive fish on a heater that can't physically miss a flop. Hehe oh well!

Sunday is going to be a big day. Hopefully I won't spend too much but after slowly losing money the previous 2 weeks every day I won't feel as pressured from the higher buyins on Sunday. Sleep time now, gl at the tables all!

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