Monday, 27 July 2009

Playing my C-Game :(


The DTD weekend was a huge success. I had a great time showing two of my friends around the club and grinding the cash games. Me and the friend I staked were 0/6 in the tournys which isn't too surprising but still I don't think I've cashed in a live tournament since about January, probably 25-30 tournaments. Fishy fishy fishy :).

The cash games on the other hand was where it was at. I absolutely loved playing the £1/£2 cash games this time round making a tidy profit there which covered my tourney failings quite well and some. The first night I played some of the £5/£5 DC but ran pretty pants dropping 1 buy-in (£500) before moving across to hold'em to reduce the variance a little.

So that was a really fun trip. We ended leaving Nottingham at about 6am for the quiet drive home arriving back down south at 9:30am to get some kip in before the Sunday tournies started!

Waking at 6pm, I inevitably didn't feel that fresh, but had some food and sat down to start the grind. Wow, I just could not physically focus on the tables at all. This was BY FAR the worst performance I've ever delivered playing tournaments. I just couldn't be bothered. I really thought about just sitting out and blinding out so I could do something else half way through the session. Inevitably due to not focusing I was getting it in behind, playing terrible and the results showed it. Bankroll took quite a hit to say the least ;) I'm still rolled for the $109's but I'm just really disappointed in my play, or lack of. It would have probably been more fun lighting my money on fire in the backgarden than playing there last night.

The biggest shame of this all is that the TLB contest started, and I've lost all motivation to grind! Gahh! I hope I get the urge back in a couple of days. Then I might make a good post explaining to you all what the TLB involved. But ultimately, it just means that I have to put a ton of volume in on pokerstars and full tilt which at the moment I really can't be bothered to do!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating/quitting poker. Actually, I'm really enjoying it and loved the cash games so much at the weekend that I think I'm going to head into Bournemouth tonight after the £50 rebuy to see if we can get a cash game started.

Tomorrow, I'll hit the gym, maybe beach weather depending, see some friends then hopefully in the evening I'll have the motivation to get back to the tables to grind back some profits! I'll not push myself and might be starting the 2 week TLB challenge 1 week late if needs be as I can't afford to be playing in these tough games if I'm not feeling up for it or even concentrating!

Hope everyone else is slightly more motivated than me anyway! Latersssssssss


  1. u gonna be at DTD this wkend fish??

  2. Grinding the cash games? I love the sound of that. I'd like to grind out some cash.