Monday, 31 August 2009

So so close!


I've had a really wild few days since my last post on here. On the wednesday night I managed to final table another $20r on full tilt coming in with a big stack, but to a slight anticlimax my aces couldn't hold vs K10 against the other chip leader who seemed desperate to try and outplay me in literally every pot for some reason lol. Oh well, 1-0 to him I guess! So I finished in 5th for $1.8k, which still is a pretty nice payday and had me up for the day.

After that I took a few days off poker. On the Thursday night my family and I headed out to this pretty nice Thai restaurant in Poole to celebrate my Sisters birthday and when we got home at 10pmish I figured I wouldn't load tournies as I have to be up really early to go banana boating with friends the following morning. Well that plan failed pretty epically ;)

Although I didn't play any poker, I just could not bring myself to feel remotely tired due to my somewhat nocturnal sleeping pattern that the cruel harsh world of MTT's has led me to. So come 5am, I have to wake in 3 hours having watch 2 movies, 2 poker shows and 2 episodes of 24 lol. In the end I did manage to get some kip but the early morning wake up was as painful as you can imagine.

The banana boating with friends was really fun, especially ringo'ing at the end. This is basically two big inflatable rings at the back of a speedboat bombing through waves at some crazy speed resulting in you and friend smashing into each other and flying off into the water. I would definitely recommend ;). It sure woke me up anyhow from my lack of sleep the previous night.

The afternoon was spent eating and chatting in the pub, followed by me driving for 2 1/2 journey to London to get the party mood for the weekend started! I arrived at my friends house in London pretty latish due to some really bad traffic on the roads, probably as a result of it being a bank holiday weekend in England. The plan was to stay at my friend, Toms house over the weekend, but as soon as I arrive in London I get a text saying something along the lines of "I'm not coming out as I don't feel very well, sorry mate". Cheers, team stitch up lol. Well I couldn't be arsed to sort out any kind of hotel or anything then as the time was getting on and some serious prelash drinking was required. I ended up thinking, well I'll probably be so pissed by about 5am that the car will be a good enough place to get a few hours kip in anyway.

We headed off to this dim sum restaurant which to those that don't know is like a special Chinese dumpling style cuisine originally found in Tea houses in China hundreds of years ago. When I visited China last summer we had these almost every day for breakfast and they are unbelievably nice. A bit of a rare find in England outside the capital anyway I believe as this was the first dim sum restaurant I've seen. Nevertheless it was seriously tasty. I washed the food down with 3 pints of beer, 2 cocktails and an after dinner shot. It had to be done ;)

We then proceeded to the club in order to get there before 11pm or something like that as we were on the guest-list. I didn't really know what was going on just following the crowd. The club in question is one called "24" which I hadn't heard of before. I don't know if this was a particularly good night or I was in a good mood with good company or what, but it was the best club I think I've ever been to.

The atmosphere, music, everything was just immense. Also there was literally not a single ugly person in the whole club. Just stunning women everywhere. The only downside being how much the drinks were. And I'm talking expensive. Well, to put it bluntly the first cocktail I bought cost £100. Haha yeh, £100 for a goddamn cocktail. But don't worry it was a bit more special than your average weatherspoons cocktail. This thing was fucking huge. It was in, quite possibly the biggest glass I've ever seen and was designed for a party of minimum 10 people. It had flashing lightbulbs, sparklers, seemingly a fruitbowl on top of it. Everything, oh and it tasted amazing lol. It took two bartenders 5 minutes to make and then they had two of them carry it over to our table.

So we all sat down with the ridiculously oversized glass statue in front of us with different alcohols just chilling and then one of the bouncers comes up to us and says we have to move. "Are you joking?" is the reply, considering the effort it took to get this massive glass statue thingy onto the table in the first place. He was quite apologetic and explained that the bar tenders had sent us to the wrong table and girls aloud had reserved this table for themselves and friends. Ship it :)

Not only that, but some of the Arsenal football players were also in the club at the same time. Pretty baller. As the night went on the action continued, the music was pumping and it was seriously awesome. I was dancing with some of my girly friends and we decided to get on the Sambuca. I ordered 10 shots at the bar for us to neck and got asked for £80 for them. Christ. Well we split the cost between four of us and the shots ended up being 75cl measures (aka tripple shots). Obviously the girls all being pretty slim were complete lightweights so I ended up drinking most of their shots after they left me with 6. Man was I pissed :) I won't give details of the rest of the night but it was very fun!

Saturday night was pretty much the same after I came back to Bournemouth, we had drinks with a BBQ then headed into Bournemouth for a night out. No way near as good as London, and literally full with pikeys, police and fights, but still better than nothing I guess. I swear even the women weren't remotely as attractive, but then again my beer goggles might not have been working as well on the second night out on the trot.

Anyway, I'm getting bored of writing long life stories, so onto the poker! Well after a pretty exhausting and sleep deprived couple of days I was seriously knackered by Sunday. I woke up at 2:00pm and by 9:00pm was back asleep again. To be woken up next door at about 11ish. Feeling a bit more awake this time, I loaded up some of the later tournaments on Full Tilt and Stars and felt like I was running pretty horrifically all over the shop and I'm sure not playing my A-Game either.

Despite all this I did manage to run good in one tournament, which was worth running good in! The stars $109 nightly turbo!

Having just updated the bankroll, I realise that I just reached my target of $40,000 before the end of August. Wahooo! Until I realised that the exchange rate fluctuated and I'm $140 off target lol! Goddamn! Regardless this is the highest my bankroll has ever been and I'm really happy with how the Summer has gone. I've put in a ton of volume playing long session, I feel like my MTT game is improving a lot and I'm still enjoying it. Oh and I've made a tidy $ here and there along the way. That's always nice to know too.

Oh, I'm just in the money on my last tournament the $33rebuy on full tilt, if I come top 18 I have a $40k bankroll! If not, tomorrow is another day.

Gl at the felt all!


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