Saturday, 23 May 2009

Fish on a sick sick heater


Just back from DTD tonight where I was playing the regular £2/£2 omaha game. Tonight though there was a compulsory straddle to £4 making the game play as a £2/£2/£4 PLO match. However, over half the times it was re-re-re-straddled to £2/£2/£4/£8/£16/£32. So as you can imagine the game was pretty wild. Luckily enough there was also a huge whale at our table. After going through his first £200 getting it in drawing dead with middle pair no draw, he then went on the sickest heater of the night, turning £100 into somewhere just over £3.4k.

It was brilliant, he was sat to my right so I had position the whole time. But I just could not pick up a hand against him. He was literally raising pot on every street or calling down with absolutely nothing. I don't think he folded a single hand the whole night preflop and must have taken about 70%ish to showdown. It was that good! It was a shame I had Pete Linton to my left who was also sat with around £2-£3k who kept trying to raise-isolate the fish to get heads up so often times it was at least £50-£100 to even see a flop. As a result, I tighten up..alot.

It was a shame I couldn't connect with the flop too hard, but I managed to get it in with the nut-flush vs the second nut-flush and my £200 stack elevated up to around £450ish.

The only really interesting hand of the night was when I was dealt KsKc7s8d on the button. The action went £2/£2/£4 (straddle) with 2 callers and I repotted pre. The flop came a pretty amazing Kd 2s 10s to give me top set and second nut flush draw. It checked to me and I bet roughly 4/5 pot and got 2 callers, the small blind and utg.

The turn was the 6s giving me the second nut flush. It checked to me again. I checked with the thought being that the two callers were check/calling the flop with a wrap style hand. I think I get c/r on this board with a lower set and I doubt (although it is possible that they are calling with bottom 2 pair out of position on this drawy board, possibly with a weaker redraw). So I checked behind thinking it's unlikely I'm going to get much value from much worse and also to disguise my hand.

The River was a complete brick, something like 4d. SB checked, and UTG led out £180 into £190ish pot. Pretty awkward spot, as I've got to think he is check/calling with a flush draw on the flop a lot. However, I reasoned that he must realise on the turn I'm going to be checking back a lot of my range for potting the flop and so I figured he didn't have the nut-flush on the river. I called and he showed the bluff, so that was kind of nice. Funnily enough the whale almost had a heart-attack after I spent 30 seconds on my decision when he kept reminding me that I had a flush so wasn't ever going to fold, ever. I didn't want to explain my reasoning and allowed him to keep his basic thought process going so hopefully I could flush over flush him later for a 1000 BB pot or something. But it never happened.

Regardless, it was a really good night, ended up +£766.


  1. Hey,

    Sick blog, congrats! What do you study / where?

    Will add you to the uea blogroll..



  2. Hey,

    I study at Nottingham Uni so live there half the year. The rest of the time in Poole, Dorset where the live poker scene is so so bad lol. So I try to make use of the fact that my flat is a 5 minute drive from DTD, the biggest poker club in Europe, whilst I'm at uni!

    Added you :)