Friday, 29 May 2009

$40,000 NLHE WSOP


The world series has officially started! It's a shame that I have to wait another year to get any part of the action. But as my bankroll currently stands, maybe it's a good thing as I from what I hear I don't think I could get too far as it stands at the moment!

Nevertheless, the first event is the $40,000 NLHE tourney. And what a line-up, I can't wait to see the final table of this one! For instance, check out one of the starting tables:

1. Scott “mastrblastr” Seiver
2. Scotty Nguyen
3. Phil Ivey
4. Brett “get crunk” Richey
5. David “The Dragon” Pham
6. Alan “The Usher” Sass
7. Phil Hellmuth
8. Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier
9. Steve “MrSmokey1” Billirakis

I think it is fair to say that is one of the toughest line-ups ever. There must be crazy action at the tables!

My life lately has been about as swingy as the poker!

-I'm 4/6 of the way through my exams. I'm pretty sure I've done alright in a couple and epically failed my econometrics module. So I think I'll have to resit that one in the Summer :( FML..

-I hit DTD again but final table bubbled the £56 tourney I was playing.

-Went to the £2/£2 Omaha and managed to blag a profit of £550 for the night, thus pushing my bankroll up higher and reaching my summer target :)

-My car was broken into last night outside the flat, with shattered glass all over the seat some pikey managed to get inside, rummage around trying to find stuff but as there was nothing there just left a lot of glass and mess all over the place. Grr, more hassle to deal with.

So there we go, quite a few highs and lows.

My next session will be on Monday night online where I'll be trying to satellite into the DTD £330 on the 6th and 7th of July. I've had a lot of fun (yet no success) in this tournament before, so can't wait to play it again. If the 20rebuy satellite fails, I'll probably just use some of the profits from last nights session to buy into the tournament.

Until then adios!

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  1. That is a sick table.

    You do Economics too then? What yr? Am now doing my finals.

    Didn't realise there was a £300 in july, will try my luck at a satt to it.

    I start playing again on Monday after my last exam. Prob going to be .25 .50 hu / hu sngs then move up when the br can take it....