Monday, 25 May 2009

Looking to the future

Unfortunately, I won't be blogging (or playing to that matter) too much until the end of the week as I have exams on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Sigh.

But as I'm sat at my desk trying to remember all of these uninteresting academics thoughts and theories on the psychology of consumer spending patterns, my mind can't help but wander onto the Summer. And more importantly how I'm going to spend my time in the 3 month holiday I get.

Poker-wise I'm going to:

-Continue playing live £2/£2 omaha cash as I'm enjoying it so much
-Mix in some more live tournaments
-Satellite's for larger buyin events (like the DTD £330 and selling %'s so that there is less financial pressure on my bankroll).

-Online I'll continue my mission to become a decent PLO player but continuing at PLO 25c/50c until I'm a proven winning player over 10,000 hands and move up the ranks as I go. This will be played on Ongame or full tilt most likely.
-I will also play some online tournaments to satisfy my love of final tabling and huge cash prizes. I will most likely keep this exclusively to iPoker and Full Tilt. Or possibly iPoker and Boss. But this depends. After my massive MTT downswing at the start of this year and talking to other MTT pro's I think I'll switch to having a 200buyin rule for online MTT's due to their sick sick variance and try to stick to it!!

I also hope to travel a bit during the summer. I'de love to do the following:
-Go surfing in Cornwall with the lads
-Possibly go sailing for a bit
-Travel around Europe possibly playing poker as I go with a friend or two.
-Trips up to Nottingham for the £300 weekends
-Maybe visit my friend who is currently in Equador, but this is quite far away and probably costly!
-I'de love to visit some other parts of Asia again such as Macau and check out Indonesia/Japan.

So as you can see I have a lot of ideas. If I manage to do 2/3 from the list I'm sure this summer will be truly amazing. If anyone else has any recommendations that won't cost too much and don't involve Vegas (I'm not 21 yet :( ) that would be really cool and I'll look into it!


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