Friday, 22 May 2009

Doyle Brunson's Top 50 Hands


I recently bought Doyle's book about his 50 most memorable hands. It is such a good read. I'de really recommend it to everyone interested in the game. There's no strategy in the book, just the 'Big Papa's' recollection of the best moments in his 50 year poker career. And wow, have some things changed.

Some of the stories were pretty insane going back to the "Texas Circuit" and stories of his 5-day cash game marathons when big fish were in town. In a way it was kind of a motivational read, as it really made me want to get on the road and explore some of the other games in the country. Not quite the same as touring Texas illegal high-stakes games but still!

After reading the whole book today, I went out with some family to this new Indian restaurant. Worst food ever lol! It really will not last long, the food was overpriced, stodgy and flavourless. I ordered a naan bread with some exotic flavourless chicken curry. The curry was terrible, naan bread burnt and the chicken was chewy. Ewww, won't be going back there again any time soon!

From the failings of dinner, I headed out to Dusk Til Dawn to see what cash games were going on. I found myself in a £2/£2 PLO cash game to which I almost immediately doubled up my £200 stack.

I was in the big blind with 10s Jd Qh Ks. UTG raised and the whole table called the £8. I quickly worked out that if I was to repot I would inevitably get about 6 callers and considering the maximum I could put in was around £64, I didn't want to inflate the flop OOP knowing I was going to be getting several callers and most of the time missing the flop quite hard.

So i just called from the BB. The flop came quite a nice 4 10 Q rainbow. The SB check, I checked and MP bet out 3/4 pot. Folds round to the small blind who calls and I repot. MP (who was about £70 deep) ships it in behind me and the SB repots so I'm effectively all in. I was up against 44xx and QQxx. Luckily I turned the nut straight and it held on the river. Pretty close call as I honestly thought I was dominating on that flop pretty hard with top 2 and an open ender with backdoor flush.

After a couple of hours the game died as a couple of the donators ran out of money and I switched over to the £2/£2 Dealers Choice with my £250 stack (I took £100 into my pocket so I was in for £100). I'm still not too confident with some of the games so didn't want to be super-deep.

As the night went on I got repeatedly card dead with not much happening. I lost a monster pot in 6 card omaha hi-lo when I flopped the nutflush draw, bottom 2 pair and 4 nut-low redraws (mouthful but bare with me!). I led out and got 2 callers. Then turn blacked and I check/called £85 so it was 3 way to the river. The river bricked again which wasn't so cool so I managed to miss my gazilion nut outs. You gotta miss sometimes I guess ;).

From then on my stack fluctuated pretty mildly staying about £100-£200 up throughout the night until the last hand of the night as the table was breaking. I chose Paduki (Gambooooooooooool!!) and as the dealer button chooses the game I had position. Which is very important in this game as there is no cards and so bluffing/representing becomes a big aspect of the game.

I squeezed my cards as they came: As 2c 3h 5c. Gahh so close! Regardless it limps to me and I raise pot before the first draw. In this game there were 3 draws so I was very happy to raise for value in this position. I inevitably got the whole table calling lol.

Most people drew in front of me and one of the higher stake regs bet out into me about £60 with a caller. I shipped it in repping as if I had made my paduki as I had a quite tight image in his eyes. Unfortunately this was a semi-bluff as I bricked my first draw. Regardless I got 2 other callers. After everyone drew one of the 2nd draw, the original raiser stood pat (didn't draw any). I squeezed my last card to find a diamond! Bah, it was the ace of diamonds giving me a flush and loosing to the original raisers J high paduki.

I'm finding the games to be really fun at DTD lately and the table banter is always good. There are some youngish pro's who grind the same level as I do so it's nice chatting to them. I hope to improve my mixed games a lot more in the future in terms of winning without showdown as anyone can wait for the nuts. When I start to play more competent players obviously I will get run-over with this tactic so I should be making use of the softer fields now to get some good experience in.

Hope everyone is running good! Ciao!

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