Sunday, 24 May 2009

Johnny Cash

I woke up today and watched "Walk The Line", a film about the life of Johnny Cash. It truly is an amazing movie and I thoroughly recommend it to everyone. I'm not really interested in the country music scene but his life story is so good. I think inspirational is definitely the wrong word, but I came away from it feeling really satisfied which is quite a rare feeling after watching a film. So that was good.

The day was spent on revision whilst the night was spend at Dusk Til Dawn!

I got down to the club a little later than normal tonight at about 11ish and hopped straight onto a £1/£2 NLHE game whilst I was waiting for a seat in the £2/£2 Omaha game. I sat with about £160ish to start and unfortunately played pretty badly. Not sure why, I just wanted to see a lot of flops and played pretty bad. I think the worst was when I opened AQo under the gun to £11, got 2 callers and then the BB reraised to £35. This is such an obvious laydown pre to the guy, but I called and got in trouble when the ace hit the board. Pretty bad play by me and I deserved to loose there. It's definitely not something I usually would do anyway especially given the stack sizes. Doh!

The £2/£2 omaha started up and it was pretty break even for a couple of hours. I was folding quite a lot as I was quite card dead/missing board, but the table banter was decent with the usual regs. That was the problem. There was no obvious fish, so as soon as the £2/£2 dealers choice started at about 1amish I hopped right over with my £200 stack.

I managed to double through in a sort of speculative spot. I chose the game as 6 card Omaha Hi-Lo and was dealt a 7s,8,9,10,j,Ks hand. Obviously not the best as I have no low draw but it was limped round to me so I merely checked to see a flop. (In the Dealers choice game the button pays the blind for some reason - club rule).

The flop was a rather eventful Kc 8s 4s giving me top two pair and the second nut flush draw. However, the 4 and 8 were quite worrying due to the fact that 1 card is needed to give the low.

It was checked to the CO who bet pot (around £20). I flat call on the button as do 2 others.

The turn brings the 9d giving the board Kc 8s 4s 9d. I now have top 3 pair, gutshot to the nuts and the second nut flush draw with no low draw out there yet.

Again, it checks to the CO who bets pot again. At this point I feel that I scoop the high a lot here as he likely has an A23 draw with some sort of high draw too knowing the player. At which point I reshove to isolate as I feel that I'm ahead of his hi hand and want to charge the player to reach his low.

As it happened I got 2 callers, one with the bare A23 (gambooool for a split?!) and 44A23x hand. I managed to bink the Q on the river giving me the nut straight with no low draw.

It's nice to run hot in multiway pots :). In retrospect I'm not too happy with my shove on the turn. I don't think I played too well overall tonight. I have exams next week so that will be the break required to regain my focus and patience required for live cash success. Despite that finished the night +£180.

To leave on a positive note, here is one of Johnny Cash's songs. Pretty relaxing after a long day on the felt anyway despite how old it is!

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