Sunday, 31 May 2009

Star Trek


As you can see from the screen shot of the $7rebuy, the fish (haha) that came 3rd was Dulwich AKA Ant who I've met and speak to quite a lot on MSN. It was funny, with about 50 to go he shot into the top 3 in chips with me lagging behind so we started chatting shit to each other on MSN as I think we were both 1-tabling it down into the money. Funnily enough we both managed to final table and make it short-handed. The dynamic was really interesting on the final table 3betting and 4 betting one another. In what was a very swingy final table (me going from 1million chips to 300k chips in a few hands 3-handed, then back up to 800k chips) I managed to double through Ant twice with AQ>KQ and then AQ>8 10 or something.

After last nights late success I managed to finally get to sleep at around 6am. So as I woke at about 1pm the following day I went down to the library to prepare for my Marketing exam on Monday. I guess life can't always be fun eh ;)

By about 9pm I was bored out of my mind so gave it up for the evening and went to the cinema with a few friends to watch the new Star Trek film.

I've never actually watched Star Trek before and to be honest I'm not even interested in the sci-fi genre. But this film was just beyond good. I mean it was amazing. They mixed in some amazing action scenes, good comedy and an awesome plot. It wasn't even nerdy! I think this has to be in the top 3, if not the number 1 film of the year for me so far (with Into The Wild and Slum Dog Millionaire - I saw them this year).

So yeh, watch it. You'll probably like it!

In other news the WSOP event 2: $40,000 buyin NLHE event is almost reaching the final table. A little disappointing as a lot of the bigger "celeb" players have been knocked out. Saying that there is still some huge names in the tourney. I'm rooting for Brian Townsend to take it down, so good luck to him!

A little closer to home, the final table of the £1k DTD Grandslam main event is underway. I notice that blogger James Atkin came 8th for just over £6k and with 6 players left I'm rooting for fellow Nottingham Uni student James Mitchell! He was a dominating chip leader for a long time, but from the DTD website updates seems to have lost a little now that we are 6 handed! Good payday regardless, but I guess he wouldn't mind shipping the £88k for first place!

Hope all is good, ciao!

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