Saturday, 16 May 2009

Live Winnings and Online Failings!


Well party still isn't giving me much love as I've dropped a few buy-ins on the site whilst trying to grind out a $150 bonus. Which is sort of fail, but brings my win-rate down to a more reasonable figure.

I took a trip to Dusk Til Dawn again tonight arriving at 7pm with £600 (3x £200 buy-ins) to play with. I started the night out with £1/£2 NLHE which soon broke when the tournaments at 8pm started. Unfortunately, I lost about £100 in this time so I wasn't off to a good start!

Tonight the tournies were a £25+£5 and a £75+£10. I'm not really rolled for the £75 but the £25+£5 is just a crap shoot due to less chips and the fact that it takes until about 2am to reach the final table. Then I'de probably min-cash. I think it's much better to spend my time on the cash tables as I think I probably have a greater edge there.

So that's what I did! At about 8:30 the PLO started. Throughout the course of the night I managed to turn my £100 into about £800. I kept playing and lost some of it back finishing the night with a new +£350. Which of course I was happy with! It was interesting, the hand I won the largest amount with I had my opponent drawing dead with about 3/4 of the money went in which is super-rare for omaha so that was also nice. It's also fun playing deepstack PLO as you can have a lot more interesting post-flop plays. For instance, bluffing becomes a much larger part of the game.

Anyway, It's late now and I'm going to hit the sack. I've got about 10% of my party bonus to go which would be nice to clear tonight before I go to bed. I've got my uni exams all next week for about 3 weeks so I think it's time to give the online game a rest for a while so I can really get my head down and study.

By the looks of things I've got along way to go to become a solid winning player at 25c/50c plo. After the exams I'll study up a lot on the theory and %'s of the game. From a brief look at my stats I'm playing about 30/21 which is quite Loose Aggressive and hence I'm probably getting myself into too many marginal post flop decisions. So I think I'll tighten up more especially out of position and 3-bet a much tighter range from the blinds. But that can all wait until after the exams!

Anyway, hope everyone is running good!



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  2. Hey mate,

    Were you sat on my right? Was that the table where I was bantering with the (for want of a better word) black guy a lot?


  3. Yeh that's right. That guy got really deep from what I remember too. I think he ft'd it! I'll be interested to see how you finish the black belt grading! Good luck with it!

  4. N1 on the PLOaments.

    To answer your BRM question I use 200BIs.