Monday, 18 May 2009

£2/£2 dealers choice


Today was so so so much fail on the revision front it wasn't even funny. I went out the night before clubbing with some friends from home and so arrived home on the saturday night (sunday morning) at about 6am quite pissed. I set my alarm for 11am to make sure I don't waste the day sleeping and get some good work. Come 11am I still feel quite drunk, make myself a fry-up with a cup of tea and head down to the library to study.

Good start? Well I ran bad in real life lol. As I arrived in the library, I realised I left all my textbooks in the flat and would have to go back and get them. Fuck. I sat down at a desk in the very busy library and realised I'de also left most of my lecture notes at home. Double fuck. So I went up to the computer room to see if I could download them there but all the computers were taken. Gah, this was not to be my day! So I figured, meh, I'll just work through what I've got and go on from there.

So back to the desk, and somebody had taken my seat and desk space. So with a slight hangover I thought enough is enough and headed back to the flat. As soon I step outside the library it starts pissing it down with rain so I get pretty soaked lol.

So that in itself was pretty fail. I came back, did a bit of work and then fell asleep watching the first episode of South Pacific on the BBC iPlayer.

Such an amazing first episode, some absolutely incredible photography.

I woke at about midnight and really could not be bothered to work again, so headed down to Dusk Til Dawn to see what cash games were going on.

As soon as I entered the club I sat down straight away with £200 at the £2/£2 dealers choice game. The games in rotation were super stud, 4-5-6 Omaha, 4-5-6 Omaha Hi-Lo, Stud, Stud Hi-Lo, Irish 3-4 and Paduki. Quite a nice line up.

I'm really starting to enjoy playing these mixed games as they keep you interested and some people really do lack the basics in a lot of them. I'm far from confident against a series of good players, but tonight I was lucky enough to find a relatively soft line-up with one of the regular players tilting quite hard.

After about 3 hours I managed to bag a nice £550 profit but it was swingy to say the least. Funnily enough the biggest pot that I won was in Paduki when I was dealt A249 paduki under the gun.

The blinds were £2-£2 and I limped UTG with the hand. The table was quite aggressive and I think I would have been unlucky if it wasn't repotted pre due to the dynamics at the time. Anyway, there was a couple of limpers then someone made it £10. Called on the button and then the SB repotted to I think it was £65. I shipped it in covering both stacks and got 2 callers in a £550 pot. To my amusement on the first draw, one of the callers drew 3 cards (?!?!) and the other guy drew 1. The first guy managed to get a K low paduki (like that would ever be good..) and the second guy bricked all 3 draws for a healthy pot coming my way.

The biggest pot I lost of the night was in 6 card omaha-hi. I was dealt 5877a9 with nut diamond draw on the flop.

The flop came 458 with 2 diamonds and we managed to get a 3 way all in. It was a pretty nice flop for my hand with gutshot, blockers, nutflush draw and top 2 pair. The turn came the king of diamonds (holllllllllllld?!) but the river binked a 5. I flipped over 58 for the full house and was shown 88 and 44 respectively (I suspect the guy with 44 also had the nut straight on the flop as he isn't a terrible player). That pot was like £850ish.

The toughest decision of the night came in super-stud. For those that don't know, this is basically stud-hi lo but you have 5 cards and muck 2 before the first draw and choose which card you want to have face-up. Don't worry after a while you do get used to it! lol.

Anyway, I was dealt AsKsAd5d2h. What the hell do I play with here lol!? At the time my logic was that alot of people seem to play exclusively low wrap style hands and it seems often times that the low is split multiway with the high scooping exactly 50%. After some thought I chose to keep AsAd5d so I had a pair, nut flush draw and possible running lows. Really not sure what the optimal is here as a number of combinations could be good. Such as Ad2h5d going for the low with a flush draw (probably best option in retrospect). Another could be AsKsAd going for a hi only hand (it is always nice to scoop both pots in one though so this is probably less of a good option here as the low always comes 8 handed).

I think i should have ditched AA5 and played A25dd but anyway the first draw bricked by AA5 pretty hard and there was heavy action so I ditched it.

It's definitely fun playing £2/£2 DC and when my bankroll reaches £10,000 I hope to start taking some shots at the £5/£5 DC game that regularly runs at DTD. From what I gather there are some strong pros who play the game but alot of very rich fish as well. Something to look forward to anyway.

Hope everyone is running good!

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