Monday, 25 May 2009

New Heights


I slacked really hard today unfortunately and just could not get myself into the mood to work no matter how hard I tried. I don't know if this is something to do with it being a Sunday as I had the same problem last week but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't focus. Grrr!

So I headed down to Dusk Til Dawn with the intention of playing for a bit then heading home for an early night so that tomorrow I can get a full days worth of revision.

I arrived at about 7:10pm and was surprised to see a tournament was already well under-way with cash games on the side. Apparently this was some Rileys grand championship or something. Regardless, I put myself right down on a £1/£2 NLHE table. It was juicy to the say least. I didn't recognise anyone at the table, so I assume they came up for the Riley tournament. But the quality of play was awful. It was a shame everyone was sat so short-stacked though. Despite that I managed to clinch a nice £190 profit in the hour I was there. The cash game broke and I decided rather than waiting around all night to see if a PLO table would start I'de just join one of the nightly tournaments.

I signed up the £75 + £10 (grrr at the rake!!) and managed to play a really solid game. Normally I spunk a load out calling with K9o in position in the first level trying to stack someone despite knowing that when I do hit my king I'll often be in a world of pain. But today, I managed to play a very patient and disciplined game especially after my very inpatient and undisciplined game I felt I played last night.

As a result I managed to pick up chips in nice spots with adopting a very tight aggressive style of play. Unfortunately, I didn't make the antes after I was crushed in a 3 way all in pot just before the first break, 2 hours in.

UTG (maniac LAG style) opened at 100/200 for 525, it got 2 callers and I called 40bb effective from the BB with 10d 9d. The flop came Qd Kd 4s. Thus giving me a gutshot straight flush draw. I checked, UTG overbet shoved. CO tank called and I got the rest in. Unfortunately this time I was up against AKo and AdJd. Woops! I had 3 non-clean outs haha. I don't think given the amount of deadmoney in the pot and my pot odds it was terrible, but I was sort of relying on no-one else having the flush draw covered.
Maybe I could have picked my spots better but with a relatively shallow structure and fast clock I wanted to pick chips up quickly early on and felt this opportunity was too good to pass.

But out I went as the turn and river bricked!

Despite that, my bankroll has hit an all-time high on over £7000 now. My once unrealistic summer target of having a £7500 roll is now well within sights. I just really hope the inevitable downswong doesn't come soon!

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