Saturday, 30 May 2009

$7rebuy shipped


I played today despite designating it as a revision day which does kind of suck. Then again it was a really good day.

In the afternoon I headed to DTD and sat down in the freshly starting £1/£2 NLHE cash game. The line up was actually really tough for a change but it was a fun experience as it made me actually start thinking at a higher level than ABC poker. And that in turn paid off ;)

I sat down with £200 originally and the stack fluctuated up to £400ish then I lost a buyin getting it in with 89 on an 893 board to 10j which is mehhh, can't complain. The stack re-fluctuated up to about £400ish when this interesting hand happened.

I raise to £7 in MP with Kc 10c. The small blind and big blind both call. From what I gather the big blind was a bit of a fish and quite short stack and the small blind seemed to be a higher staked pro who was obsessed with having everyone at the table covered, so bought in for 600bbs himself. Fair enough! He was wearing some really nice clothes/designer sunglasses so without seeing him play I assume he's decent.

The flop came As 10s 4d. It checks to me and I check behind looking for a safe turn card.

The turn brings a 5h. It checks to me again and I bet £17 into the ~£24 pot. The SB thinks for a second then check/raises it to £55. The BB folds. At this point, I'm thinking what the hell has he got. With the flush draw on board, he never has an ace here or a set or anything really other than air as by me checking behind on the drawy flop my perceived range is weak so it looks like im bluffing. And if he had a set/2 pair etc. he would bet the turn as it looks like I'll be checking behind on that turn a lot of the time.

So I elected to call his check/raise.

The river came the 4h leaving the board as:

As 10s 4d 5h 4h

He overbet shoved £250 into the ~£140 pot. I thought for a couple of seconds, confirmed my logic on the turn that here as all the draws missed he must have air and called. It was a nice feeling watching him muck it after. It may not seem that much, but I felt I was getting it in quite light in a check/raised pot on a paired board for 400bbs with just 2nd pair. Maybe it's standard but I was really happy how I thought through the hand and made the call which I don't think I could say that I would have done a couple of months ago.

I think that's the beauty of upswings: you gain a lot of confidence!

Anyway, I left the game at around 7pm and headed out for a meal with family who were staying in Derby nearby. On my return to Nottingham at about 11pm-ish I figured it was a bit late for DTD so I thought I'de get a couple of hours in at the online felt.

But the MTT's were too much to resist :)

I managed to ship the $7rebuy on iPoker which started at midnight for a healthy ~$1900. I'll get a screen shot up soon!

So it's been a really good day on the poker front and my bankroll is over £9k now. I will however be sticking to my 200buyin rule for online MTTs and keep grinding the same stakes for the meanwhile.

After exams I might start taking shots at the £5/£5 dc but I feel in some games like stud hi/lo I'm pretty weak so I'll probably practice up online before I give it a shot.

Hope all is well! Ciao

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