Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Monday Night's Session


After a pretty slow start to the day, I managed to get myself pumped up and ready for an online poker session in the evening with my schedule. Differing from last week I did in fact manage to cash in a few tournies making the evening profitable! The highlight of which I came 5th in the iPoker $33rebuy for $1.4k which was nice. And a few other smaller cashes else where. I still haven't quite got my luckbox back as I final table bubbled 2/3 of my $109's but hey, at least I cashed in them!

Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come!

I'm going to set my alarm early tomorrow, probably around 10am, hit the gym then (yes that is early for me) play some of the afternoon tournies registering from 2pm-5pm. The reason I'm doing this is partly to get back into a more normal sleeping pattern, as I'm about 80% sure I'm heading to London on Wednesday and don't want to feel jet-lagged whilst wandering around. I also need to try and sort out some sort of holiday with friends in the evening meaning followed by an early night.

Well that's the plan anyway :). I'm kind of looking forward to the afternoon grind as I've not really done in for a long while and from what I remember, the tournies are quite soft then. I'm not sure though if there are many decent tournaments on the European networks (not FTP or stars) with decent guarantees though.

After driving back from London late Wednesday evening, I'll crash at mine then drive up north to Nottingham for a DTD road trip with a couple of friends! This is going to be really fun and I'm quite excited to play live again, having not done so properly for about a month! I keep telling myself to play the gala crap shoots in Bournemouth, but never get round to it. And probably (maybe, who knows!) have a higher win rate online anyway due to multitabling and better tournament structures.

So it's a pretty exciting week! I'll update tomorrow with how my afternoon grind went! Ciao for now!


  1. 10 am is early huh?

    5:45 is my usual waking time.


  2. Ye it was only a year ago I had 6am-6pm shifts having to wake at 4:30-5am every day. I must have gone soft ;)