Friday, 17 July 2009

Brick Brick Brick


This has got to be the worst poker week I've ever had so far. I think I've played 68 tournaments and min-cashed one or two lol. Not the best then. I'm just very glad I'm using good bankroll management so it doesn't have a massive effect on my bankroll!

I think this hand sort of sums up the week quite well. From 1/40 with top 36 paid, to busto in 37th in the $75 on full tilt lol. Ahh well.

I can't complain, the previous two months have been sick. The funny thing about it all really is, I still have the drive to play and the beats are in fact depressing me as much as I thought they would. Then again, this is only 4 days, fast forward another month or two and it may be a different story!

Sunday is a huge huge day online again, I've still got over 100 buy-ins for all the majors so will play my fair share of them and try to satellite into the $500/$1.5million special on full tilt I think. I'm not going to play cards until Sunday, partially to relax and take my mind of poker for a couple of days and partially because although I don't feel like my game is being affected, I may be telling myself that it isn't when it is really. If that makes any sense. Some sort of subliminal tilt or something I don't know lol!

Anyway, I'm suprising optimistic given the circumstances. Going to go play squash with a friend and if no-one is going out tonight, I think it will be a night in with some computer games, couple of beers with friends and some takeaway pizza. How's that for comforting when you're not running quite as good as you'de hope ;)

GL at the tables all! Speak on Sunday! Bustoville here I come!


  1. "subliminal tilt"


    What I do know is that beer, games and pizza work together extremely well. Munch, swig, tap tap tap.

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