Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Phil F Ivey


I'm sat here and there are 29 left in the 2009 WSOP main event. And Phil Ivey, out of the 6494 players is still in contention currently second in chips. He is by far the best poker player in the world. Without a doubt in my opinion. The guy is just too sick. He's a live player at heart yet still he comes into the online world, sits down with the best and continuously crushes the highest stakes for years. Not only that, he is in fact the biggest winner in online poker in the world. I have no idea how he does it. No one can argue he got lucky a couple of times, this guy has consistently beaten up high stakes poker over hundreds of thousands, most likely millions of hands. It's just incredible really.

Just check out this pot from a while back.

Not only that, but this year alone he has won 2 bracelets, and really, I'm hoping he ships the main event too. That would just be so so epic.

So whilst he's there shipping $10k tournies (I hope!), Ant took down the $109/$12.5k gtd on party poker tonight for a nice $3.3k score. We're still fighting it out to see who can make the most this year. He was ahead for the first few months and I've caught up and over-taken the past two. But it's all to play for now!

So while he's been shipping tournies, I've been bricking them. Tonight I played my schedule and saying it didn't go too well is a slight understatement as I merely min-cashed in a $10r for less than I bought into the tournament for in the first place. Wooops :)

After the session finished a bit earlier than usual thanks to me dumping off my stacks left, right and centre. I decided to watch 7 pounds starring Will Smith. That movie is truly amazing. I'de really recommend you to watch it if you haven't. It does make me wonder though how truly selfless one can be. I won't ruin the movie, but I always wonder how supposed selfless acts really are for most people. I mean celebrities supporting specific charities. Are they doing this to increase a positive public perception of themselves as well as helping out said charity. It's tough to say, but I think in everything we do, at the end of the day everyone has some little selfish agenda of their own, which is why it was really refreshing to watch this movie.

Anyway, I'm going to try to get some sleep in. Good luck at the tables all!

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