Wednesday, 1 July 2009

$109 Takedown! Heater continues!


As can be seen, my new schedule seems to be working quite well as I shipped the nightly $109/$12,500 gtd on iPoker for just over $3.4k. So happy!!

The session was a mixed bunch. For starters, it allowed me to play the optimum number of tables to concentrate on and not resort to ABC poker so that was a good thing, but it felt like it could just have been one of those days...

I came 11th in the party poker $109 final table bubbling and was 10 off the money in the $163 nightly losing 10-10 to 2-2 all in pre. I really felt like today could have been a terrible day on the felt so I even unregistered for the midnight tournies I had planned to play.

Boy, was I wrong. In the end I managed to final table 3 tournaments. I came 8th in the €44/€3500 gtd on Boss and 8th in the $55/$7,500 for just over $300. And of course the biggest one of the night, the $109!

It was a REALLY swingy tournament. I just couldn't get anything going at the start and seemed to be the short stack 10bb'ing until I got a little deeper and found myself with a few cold/decks flips in a row to put me as one of the chip leaders with 20ish left.

I then was involved in a MASSIVE pot for 2x chip lead with AA on a 8d 10d qd board which I lost to AdJc putting me back down to 25bb's but managed to find myself back on the final table in alright shape.

The final table was pretty weird, as there were definately a few soft spots, but I was sat to the left of the most aggressive LAG I think I have ever played with. He just 3-bet and 3-bet and 3-bet me off so many pots. It was really tough to play against and his 3-bet sizes meant that I couldn't 4bet light as it was obvious he was committed. Pretty tough when your not hitting many hands! Luckily I managed to use his aggression against him check/raise bluffing and the such a few times to keep a few chips, but he really was probably one of the only players to ever give me a really hard time at the table. In the end he came 3rd after losing a flip or two to my heads-up opponent.

The HU was quite easy, as my opponent was really loose passive which meant most of my Cbets were going through without harm and it was pretty obvious when he had a hand. He started 3 betting every hand, but stopped after I started 4betting jamming a much wider range.

June has officially been my best month ever, and I really hope this good run I'm in continues into July! I won't be playing online for the rest of the week as I'm going to a house party tomorrow for a friends birthday then heading up north for a family do. It's near Nottingham so I expect I'll pop in to Dusk Til Dawn on Thursday night before heading to see my family on Friday afternoon!

Hope all is good! :D Ciao!


  1. Good work, again. Maybe it's not a heater, maybe it's the norm. Maybe your the next moorman