Saturday, 11 July 2009

New Online Schedule and The New Online Beggars?


I'm pretty pissed off with party poker recently. A few reasons for this and why I've decided for the meanwhile to stop playing there:

1) Not having antes of significant value sucks and it is confusing as the play-style required is so different to tournaments with antes. You basically have to tighten up a lot more and it just sucks more as everyone is shallow and the final tables always turn out to be complete 6BB crap shoots.

2) Yesterday I had quite a few party poker tournaments registered for, and they weren't appearing once they started. So I had physically had to draw up the lobby, find the tournament, open the tournament lobby then click take my seat to find out I've missed the first couple of levels and have hence a dwindled chip stack. GG party party.

3) If you manage to remember to actually open up the tournament, inevitably as people get knocked out you will change tables. Like most non-retarded software this isn't a big issue. Oh no, party poker has to be the different special case. So the table jumps to the over side of the monitor, resizes itself to some massive size taking up half my laptop space and just sits there. This wouldn't be an issue if I was 1 tabling. But having several tables up this is the most frustrating thing ever.

4) And of course I busted my $1000 or whatever I had on there too ;)

So I've decided to alter my schedule to as follows:

7:00pm: $108/$15k gtd (Ongame)
7pm: $33/$6k gtd (iPoker)
7:30pm: $33/$3.5k gtd (Full Tilt)
7:30pm: $22r/$19.5k gtd (iPoker)

8:00pm: $26/$21k gtd (Full Tilt)
8:30pm: $10r/$25k gtd (iPoker)
8:30pm: $55/$20k gtd (Full Tilt)

9:00pm: $75/$22.5k gtd (Full Tilt)
9:00pm: $108/$7.5k gtd (OnGame)
9:25pm: $109/$12.5k gtd (iPoker)
9:30pm: $33r/$19.5k gtd (Full Tilt)
9:30pm: €44/€3k gtd (Boss)
9:45pm: $33r/$20k gtd (iPoker)

10:00pm: $129/$30k gtd
10:00pm: €10r/€7.5k gtd (Boss)
10:25pm: $55/$7.5k gtd (iPoker)

11:00pm: €55/€3.5k gtd (Boss)
11:00pm: $55/$8k gtd (OnGame)

I've included full tilt into this, which I'm still umming and arring about. The software is the best, the structure is the best, the payout schedule is the best. But the players who play on there are also the best. Like much much tougher fields. I'll give this schedule a go for a week. Slightly concerned that at around 9pm I'll have too many tables up, so might drop out the $33r on iPoker/full tilt. But I'll give it a proper test-run on Monday onwards.

I was playing some tournies today and when I was deep in the $22r on full tilt, this one guy came to the rail asking for money. But not in the usual way. He said that if he rapped, could we send him some money! So rap he did! It was really quite funny and he wasn't even that bad lol!

Dwade3forMV3 (Observer): yo yo can anyone donate some cash to a broke rapper, ill rap for it

dockevoc: start rapping

Dwade3forMV3 (Observer): aight yo yo check it, my flow is off the chain, my rap game is insane... this is my job to enteertain and i do it better then wayne... so dont complain because this is my nigga dock's domain and hes bout to win this tournament and pop some champagne

Dwade3forMV3 (Observer): yo yo my nigga docck is cold.. like a midnight inaspen he is the president and the assasin... camreas on big lights action... welcome to the tournament he is the main attraction

Dwade3forMV3 (Observer): yoo my man dock is sicker then the bird flu... hes the man and u niggas are his bird food... yall are playing in a whirlpool, you gotta eat or get ate but to dock yall are just bait

Pretty funny and he seemed to be making it up on the spot at quite a quick pace too. I couldn't imagine what he looked like though. Some gangster looking guy sat at his computer begging for $5 trying to rap haha! Oh dear...

Anyway, tomorrow I'm going out to get pissed in town with some of the lads and I'll be back on Sunday. Really looking forward to it and hope I'm not too hungover as I'll be playing a load of Sunday majors again. Bustoville here I come!


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  1. I'm afraid this is a bit beyond me. I mean, I think I can remember how to play poker, just, but, interesting none the less. I have a mate who makes a living from online poker tournaments. I have another mate who has to limit his play to a certain amount a month 'cos he would go bankrupt otherwise!